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Are you a PC gamer? Are you interested in Borderlands? No? Well, what if I told you that you can get the first Borderlands + ALL THE DLC, and Borderlands 2 + THE SEASON PASS (which includes 4 DLC packs + Mechromancer) FOR ONLY…$22? You’d be a PSYCHO not to interested in this series! I can tell you right now, […]

Lots of rumors have been going around that Google is in development of an Android powered gaming console utilizing an upgraded version of the technology used in the Nexus Q. With the release of Ouya, which also utilizes Android, I think its safe to say that this rumor could have some truth to the matter, Google wanting to get a […]

This is my top ten list of games, that developer’s should bring back. 1. Shenmue                             2.Metriod Prime 3.The Getaway 4.Mario Sunshine 5.Xenogears 6.Indigo Prophecy 7.Onimusha 8.Mafia 9. Syphon Filter 10. Mario Kart Double Dash by

Hideo Kojima tweeted recently that the rumor that he was looking for a studio to utilize the new Fox engine to recreate Metal Gear Solid 1 was a miss translation in an interview. He said that people have been asking for remakes for all the early titles of the series, but he replies, ” I cannot do, I wish if […]

Has Microsoft been swayed by the backlash from indie developers? Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed via Twitter that Microsoft has actually dropped the fee that devs were required to pay in order to patch their games. This has taken effect for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade titles, and according to Nelson, this change actually took place way back in […]

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5

According to the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, the HD remake of Kingdom Hearts was more difficult and time consuming than expected. He said, “Kingdom Hearts 1 was created a long, long time ago, so actually the original data was missing already. It was lost, so we had to research, and we had to dig out from the actual game what was available […]

It isn’t just the fact that they appealed to Gamers at E3. It’s the fact that they where the under-dogs for the longest time. Certain mistakes with the PlayStation 3 gave the Xbox 360 an upper-hand last gen but Sony held it through. They continued to provide and waited. They wanted to come back strong. So obviously they held some […]

“Wow Reeeaaally!?” Thats what a lot of people were thinking after Microsoft’s reveal for the Xbox One back in May of this year. They also released all the cool new restrictions that would come with the console you’ll be spending $500 dollars for. The fact that you would be paying $60 dollars for a game, in agreement that you have […]

Xbox One: As Big as a VCR?

Just how big is Microsoft’s new Xbox One console? by

The Xbox One headset, featured in a recent post, has been confirmed to NOT come with the Xbox One for $499. Rather it will be sold separately in other words. by