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A large portion of Nintendo’s problems are actually caused by Nintendo “fans”.

If there is one thing this whole Xbox One saga has proved to us, it’s that gamers undeniably have a voice and a certain extent of power over the companies and publishers. But let’s sit here and imagine what would have happened if gamers all-around were apologetic toward Microsoft and threw excuse after excuse to try to justify their used games and DRM policies – that disaster of a console called Xbox One would have launched and dealt a huge blow to gaming as we know it. And even worse, what if the system was widely successful? Next generation would have been an absolute nightmare with Sony joining in on the DRM and anti-used-game craze and even tighter restrictions would have been placed on gamers. Why? Because Sony and Microsoft would know that they could get away with it all.


We REALLY dodged a bullet here, people.

Which brings me to the topic matter at-hand; Nintendo “fans” refuse to let Nintendo know when they are doing something wrong.

Tell me, what happens if a child who is misbehaving is never punished nor addressed when he or she misbehaves? The child will continue to act like a little devil, of course. The same applies to these console manufacturers and publsihers. How could Nintendo possibly fix any problems if all the mishaps they commit are swept under the rug by their supporters? They can’t, because they wouldn’t know any better.

If you are one these said-people, news flash: You are not a Nintendo “fan”, you are an elitists or more accurately, an apologists.

For those who may not understand exactly what I am talking about, this article was sparked by me eye-witnessing Nintendo elitists stating that the fact that Super Mario World 3D has no online multiplayer is OK. But it is not. Think about it people, a co-op game who’s main focus point is multiplayer,  in the year 2013, has no online. Why has Nintendo once again excluded an online multiplayer option from one of their game releases that just seems so perfect for online co-op? Because in the past, not enough people spoke out on it.

  • New Super Mario Bros Wii – not enough people complained.
  • Wii Sports Resort – not enough people complained.
  • Nintendo Land – not enough people complained.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U – not enough people complained.
#Super Mario World 2

Think about it, can I play this game with any of you? No.

And not enough people are complaining now. Nintendo got away with four games (two of them being quite recent) that should have included online but didn’t. And now Super Mario 3D World doesn’t include it either. And why should it, right? Nobody complained about the past titles excluding an online-co-op feature, so obviously everybody’s happy and Nintendo can continue going on their marry way not including each and every feature they’re too lazy to implement, right? No, not right. If us Nintendo gamers (yes us, I am a Nintendo fan myself) spoke out on all of these occasions in the past, Nintendo would have heard us, and I guarantee you this game would have had online.

Now Nintendo has a “reason” behind doing this, and they actually came out and explained why 3D World does not have online co-op, and it’s the exact some excuse they used for the New Super Mario Bros. games and even Starfox 3D: “We prefer local multiplayer over online multiplayer.”

But wait, what kind of reasoning is that? I understand preferring local over online, what’s better than sitting down on the same couch with your friends beating the living hell out of eachother in whatever game? In-matter-of-fact, I’m sure 99% of all gamers out there would actually agree with Nintendo that local multiplayer is much better than online. Nothing can ever emulate the experience of being in-person with the fellow gamers you are enjoying a game with. But how, oh how  does the inclusion of online somehow prevent or hamper local multiplayer? It doesn’t. You’re reasoning is not making much sense, Nintendo. Why can these games not have both? Nintendo acts as if they have to choose between online or local, as if there can only be one. Mario Kart Wii had online, did it not? Now did that somehow hamper or hold back the local experience? No.  Again, I understand that Nintendo likes to build their multiplayer experiences around local multiplayer and prefer gamers to play in the same room together, but an online option does not prevent that from happening. Not in any way or sense possible.

This is 2013 Nintendo. A lot of your fans have grown-up and are older. We’re in college, most of us have jobs, and some of us are married with a wife and kid(s). We don’t have the luxury or traveling to a friend’s house to play a game with him/her. A lot of us don’t have the time. A lot of us live some states away from the people we would like to play these games with. So how in the world are we supposed to do this? We’re not going to buy plane tickets to play Super Mario 3D World with our friends, we shouldn’t have to do that, not in 2013, and especially not when you finally have a competent online network service, Nintendo.

At the end of the day Nintendo supporters, I get it; Nintendo is the brunt of most of the bashing that happens today. A lot of the time the Nintendo hate is excessive, or completely unwarranted. It’s cool to hate on Nintendo even. But don’t let that prevent you from speaking out against them when they need to be told something. Realize, that a lot of the things people bash Nintendo for could be fixed if only their supporters speak up when they feel the company is doing something wrong.

A real fan will criticize their favorite company, give constructive criticism. If you continue to make excuse after excuse, you are not a real Nintendo fan, because Nintendo fans are always for a better Nintendo. What you people really are, are sheep, apologists. Gamers who think that everything their favorite company does it OK, and just because they’re doing it.

It’s time to wake up, and it’s time to speak-out.

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