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Bayonetta 3 is a possibility as long as Bayonetta 2 performs well, says Kamiya. Replying to a Tweet from a fan this morning, Kamiya has revealed that he’d like to work on a 3rd game game in the series.

“I hope so. RT @Patpadi1: if Bayonetta 2 going to be a hit would you think about it to make a third part ?”

One thing I have always admired about Kamiya, is that he actually takes the time out of his day to reply to Tweets from fans as much as he can.

bayonetta 3

Buy it.

So do you here that Nintendo fans? If you want another sequel to Bayonetta (Bayonetta 3), AKA, future 3rd-party support, you’re going to have to go out and buy Bayonetta 2. And why not? It is being funded and published by Nintendo and it will be a quality game if the first is anything to go off of. So you have nothing to lose.

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