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zone of the enders hd

A brand new patch is available for download on both PSN and Xbox Live for Zone of the Enders HD Collection. This patch fixes what is essentially the only gripe people had with this game – the frame-rate. The patch reportedly makes the game run in 60 FPS (mostly) which in-turn makes the gameplay feel even faster and smoother than before.

zone of the enders hdOriginally, ZoE HD Collection used to have a frame-rate that ranged from 15-to-30 frames-per-second, with the PS3 version dipping more frequently than the 360.

As a ZoE fan myself, I was extremely disappointed by these ports as the frame-rate was so painful I was unable to actually finish it. So I am definitely ecstatic over this news, as I can now finish two of my favorite games of all time.

High Voltage Software was the original company who worked on ZoE HD, but this patch is brought to us by the good folks over at Hexa Drive, the same people who did the Okami HD port. So let’s all give one big thanks to Hexa Drive for fixing these issues.


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