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Xbox One

Anyone who has been following my articles here on GaminRealm knows good-and-well that I am far from an Xbox One or Microsoft apologist. Back when the company had their DRM plan in-place, I was right there with the rest of the gaming world campaigning to get Microsoft to repeal their decision. After the Xbox One’s reveal conference, I was right there with the rest of the gaming world critiquing the living hell out of it. But I’m just going to be real here for a second people; gamers are just going too far with the criticism now.

For those who may not know exactly what I am talking about, the official Xbox YouTube channel uploaded an unboxing video featuring Major Nelson, where he of course unboxed what will be the retail package we gamers can expect when the system hits later this year.


So what do gamers decide to pay attention to during this unboxing? Not the fact that it turns out that the Xbox One will indeed include a headset when many bashed it when they thought that the system wouldn’t. Not the fact that the console isn’t as big as we previously thought. No, neither of those things. Gamers decided to isolate and focus on the rather large power brick.

Excuse me, but why is this a problem? Is the power brick somehow going to impede on your ability to play your games on the Xbox One? Are you going to be sitting there starring at it, appalled by it’s size rather then actually looking at the TV screen? Don’t get me wrong people, I’m all for small form-factors when it comes to my electronics, but gamers are really blowing this into something much bigger than what it actually is.

Not to mention, this brick seems to actually be smaller than the Xbox 360’s, so it’s actually an improvement. And I find it strange how I’ve even seen a few Nintendo fans bashing the Xbox One for it’s power brick, when the Wii U has a pretty hefty power brick itself (how do you think the Wii U is so small?).

I’m not blind to any of the Xbox One’s flaws. Although the system has been gradually improving over the months, it’s still chuck-full of problems, don’t get me wrong. All I am saying here is, let’s discuss and point out actual issues regarding the system and not these petty little non-factors.

Again, I personally feel that the Xbox One is still a very flawed system, but for a lot of gamers I see nowadays, people are critiquing it for the sake of simply hating on the system. Why some make it their mission to constantly attack any piece of plastic and silicon is beyond me.

It’s time to cut to crap.

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