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Nintendo 2DS Specs and Size Comparison

nintendo 2ds

The Nintendo 2DS was just recently announced today with a $129.99 price-tag and is set to release on October 12th.

Meant for younger demographics, the 2DS features a slate design and does away with the shell for durability. The 3D functions are also removed, so that way parents don’t have to worry about their younger children damaging their eyes (although the 3DS offers parental controls that allow you to disable the 3D, but I guess Nintendo doesn’t have faith in consumers to realize and utilize).

I’m sure many of you gamers out there have been wanting to see a side-by-side comparison of the Nintendo 2DS alongside the other 3DS models. So here’s a spec chart and a size comparison to check out to see what the 2DS is all about.

nintendo 2ds

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