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Emily Rogers, a well-known Nintendo insider on the net, has warned Wii U owners on Twitter that they “better buy Ubisoft games.” In the same Tweet, Rogers also mentioned that the 3DS firmware update that will add the Miiverse will be pushed back and the Wii U firmware update is coming sooner than expected:

“3 things. 3DS firmware is no longer coming October. Wii U firmware update is sooner than you think. Wii U owners need to buy Ubisofts games.”

The last part is definitely in-response to the dramatically low sales performance Splinter Cell: Blacklist had on the Wii U. Rogers when into further detail of her 3rd point, emphasizing that the importance of supporting Ubisoft is very crucial.

emily rogers

It sounds like Emily has heard from her sources that Ubisoft was either deeply displeased with Splinter Cell’s sales, or Ubisoft is giving Wii U owners a one-last-chance ultimatum, or both. I don’t know about you guys, but to me this sounds like Ubisoft has made a pretty serious threat to the Wii U user-base behind-the-scenes.

And for those who may not be familiar with Rogers, she’s been spot-on numerous times in the past when it came to past updates and when Nintendo Directs were going to happen, so she’s very reliable.

Nintendo fans: Don’t complain about third-party support if you’re not buying the 3rd-party games.


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