Microsoft to Team With Japanese Developers. Games To Be Announced in 2014

Microsoft has signed on some Japanese development teams for the purpose of bolstering the Xbox One’s presence in Japan. As some of you know, the Xbox has never been a hit in Japan ever since the original Xbox. It can be mostly attributed to Japanese taste in games or the most argued racist xenophobia against an American […]

History Indicates That There Won’t Be A PS4/Xbox One Price Drop For A While

I know I did an article about this subject. This past Friday, I reported a rumor that Microsoft would already be releasing a cheaper Xbox One model which later turned out to be fake. So, if history is any indicator, the two new consoles won’t see a price drop until the next two years at […]

The Top 10 Fighting Games Of The Past Generations.

Not “of all time” of the past 2 decades, I try to be P.C. about writing a list like this and I decided to shift the tide in a more personal sense instead of coming off as pretentious the “End all be all” “My opinion is better than yours” of fighting games. The fighting genre […]

Shin’en: “There are No Hurdles at All” For Indies on Wii U

Pretendo recently landed an interview with the critically acclaimed Nintendo-centric indie developer Shin’en. In the interview, Manfred Linzner of Shin’en Games has given another tidbit of information regarding Nintendo’s indie policies on their 3DS and Wii U eShops, and it sounds like things are a walk-in-the-park for indies on Wii U. Q: Although you haven’t developed on an […]

Early Xbox One Buyers Report Console Problems

Totally not worth standing in the cold, huh? As with every console since last gen, there are massive reports on hardware failures left and right from customers who bought the Xbox One on launch. Issues range from concerning issues with disc drives, unusual sounds coming from the machine, more spontaneous system shutdowns, missing pixels, and blank or frozen screens. Others can’t get their systems […]