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VD Dev is a small indie developer that many of you may never even heard of, but currently they are working on a brand new shooter for the 3DS titled “Iron Fall”. IronFall was a previously announced 3rd-person shooter game that has finally be unveiled for the first time in a new tech demo video. According to VD Dev, the game will be running in a smooth 60 frames-per-second even with 3D and dual-screen rendering on.


As you can see, the Big Bang Engine being used to craft this game manages to pull off some amazing feats previously thought impossible to do on the 3DS. And all at a steady 60 frames too. The number of AI on-screen, the animations, lighting, and destruction is absolutely incredible. It makes you wonder why more games on the 3DS don’t look this good and feature so many technical feats.

It’s rather hard to believe that such a tech-heavy game is being done by an indie developer of all people. To get an idea of just what VD Dev can do, check out videos of Cop: The Recruit on the DS.

IronFall will be hitting the 3DS eShop exclusively in Spring 2014.

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