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Report: PS4 Outsells the Wii U Worldwide

ps4 outsellsThe time has come, and pretty quickly too – the Playstation 4 has already surpassed the Wii U in total lifetime sells, according to VGChartz. This is of course due to the largely successful PS4 launch in Japan last week where the system managed to sell well over 300k units within only the first 2 days of it’s launch. The Wii U was ahead of the system by .3 million, and the Japanese launch was just what the PS4 needed to overcome that gap.

The Wii U, which launched on November 18th, 2012, had it’s 1-year head-start  essentially squandered by critical game delays and lack of advertising for the system. Since January 2013 till September 2013, the system only managed to move about 900k units, with the bulk of it’s 2013 sales coming from late-October through Christmas, with Super Mario 3D World leading the charge that holiday season.

It’s all pretty crazy if you think about it; both of just how bad Nintendo handled their first year and just how well Sony is currently handling theirs.

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