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This is not surprising in the least bit, seeing as though 90% of people only bought the Xbox One only bought to play Call of Duty Mecha Revolution aka TitanFall and now that that’s out, the console has literally no appeal whatsoever anymore at least until the next big shooter comes out for it. The Kinect is lame, the majority of its games are either on PC and PS4, its exclusive is mediocre, and as there is no Halo in sight and the Xbox 360 still exists, the Xbox One as no reason to exist anymore. For once in its uneventful existence, Yahoo Games has actually published a through thought provoking article on the industry and not just hopped on the Call of Duty wagon because it might be something Justin Bieber might play. Microsoft won’t give up the console fight even though they are losing. At least Nintendo’s Wii U gotten its second wind (thanks, Japan). The Xbox One has also alienated certain amount of fans with the DRM thing and its massive instance of multimedia functionality is all the more insulting when they don’t work.

According to a survey they did, 35% of gamers who owned both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have opted to purchase a PlayStation 4 while only 23% bought an Xbox One. As it stands now, both “next-gen” consoles have nothing to offer me personally that I can’t already get from a PC and the Wii U. The PS4 is more gamer-friendly and more affordable to most people. The PS4’s massive insistence of indie games is what helps the hardware shine in the eyes of gamers looking for that entertain to hold them over until the PS4’s next big release, while with the Xbox One, you have the privilege to stare at it until a game comes out for it. Again, this is the opinion of some people, not mine. Indie games aren’t going to sell me on the PS4 seeing as though the PC is a better choice, but there is also the massive value of PlayStation Plus rewarding gamers with free titles, discounts etc. Indie Games will never be as big as Mario or Call of Duty but when they work hand in hand with AAA gaming then people will get the most out of a console even if there aren’t many AAA games out for it.

Another component might be the fact that the Xbox One version of certain games has low resolution when compared to the PS4 version and to cause even more confusion about the topic, this matters for some reason. I know a lot of people bought the Xbox One for the purpose of playing the latest games with the highest graphics. But, why should we feel sorry for those people who only bought games because they look pretty? They feel gypped because they spent $100 more on a console that isn’t paying them back in full.  Not everyone has the funds to afford both consoles.

I know that in the future Microsoft will turn things around, but as it stands now, you are pretty much in the “Pay More-Expect Less” state of things. People want their money’s worth. People want value for what they spend their money on.

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