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Capcom is not the bad guy everyone makes them out to be, unappeasable fanboys are partially to blame for Capcom’s woes. They have finally starting listening to fans a little late in this past generation’s cycle and just because there is no Megaman, doesn’t make the aforementioned statement false in any way. The part I love is that Capcom is going to continue to ignore the lamentations of Megaman fanboys. Let me make my position clear: I’m not a Capcom fanboy even though I’m completely contempt with them as they are making the games I want to play. I’m an advocate of not spreading ignorant hate all over the information highway. The point I want to make is that Megaman fanboys are wrong and you shouldn’t listen to them.

It came to no surprise to anyone the Capcom was in financial turmoil and it was made more evident when it was announced. (“Was” being the keyword, here). My opinion of what contributed to the lack of money was constant failed outsourcing of franchises especially the failures of DmC, Lost Planet 3 and, Remember Me all came out this year all failed in sales. As well as Resident Evil 6: Capcom’s half-assed attempt to get that Call of Duty money. Well, in the case of the DmC irrational fan boy hate was the major factor in its failure. Too bad, it was a pretty good game.While we are on the subject of pinpointing the cause of Capcom’s fall from grace, I couldn’t subject myself to watching any more videos or read user comments on various sites about the subject. Because doing that is like watching every episode of The Simpsons from season 12 and beyond: you know it’s going to be bad, you know it’s going to be painful, you know it’s going to be the same regurgitated crap over and over again trying to pass itself off as new. Blah, Blah, Blah, DmC blah, blah, blah, new Dante wah, wah, wah, bring back Megaman. Every Freaking Time. And the one thing that baffles me is that somehow “They Deserve It”. I’m not going to mentioned said video makers; they don’t need the traffic while truthful article like this one goes unnoticed.


So Awesome.


It’s really sad how irrational people will get when it comes to Capcom and to a lesser extent, Mega Man. It shows how their massive nostalgia overrides human logical reasoning. Megaman fanboys and people on YouTube all swear up and down that the company’s finances would skyrocket to the moon and beyond if they made a new Megaman game. I’m not sure if they know this. I remember reading an article about how Megaman isn’t popular in the US. I would like to take the opportunity to rephrase Capcom’s weak statement: Megaman isn’t popular TODAY! Not with kids the same way Angry Birds and Pokémon is, and not with older gamers of today like myself. Only pretty much to the nostalgia ridden man-children of today aka a niche audience at best. Mostly because game developers don’t want to listen to fans of an underselling niche of games. Why not spend time and resources to a massive booming fanbase of the current generation. Capcom listens to certain fans because there is a huge demand and supplying that demand will take high priority. For example. Monster Hunter is and has been huge in Japan akin to what Call of Duty is here. Monster Hunter 4 is one of the 3DS’s biggest selling games in its life cycle. Street Fighter 4 fans (i.e. ME) support the game and it’s updates since 2008 and the fact that there is a huge community of gamers from all over the world, playing in tournaments, uploading random stuff on YouTube to keep the interest in the game going for fans and not for the uneducated crybabies who won’t even play the game and say that they are milking it only for money despite concrete evidence that the FGC begged Capcom for an update to Super Street Fighter 4 and what is this process called? Listening to the fans. The new Ducktales was made and released because the fans asked for it on the Capcom-Unity forums and the PC version of Ducktales Remastered is said to be the most requested version of the game. Requested by whom? The fans! Where? The forum called Capcom-Unity. Don’t forget Strider recently came out after years of fan demand in a new game thanks to the recent interest by his inclusion in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (The only good thing that game had)


Thanks for asking for my return.

I was really devastated when Megaman Legends 3 was cancelled, and as one of the few people in the world who had a hands-on session with Megaman Universe its cancellation was justifiable. That game sucked. They did us a favor by not bringing out crossover DS game. To get to the topic of these YouTube videos, Seriously, They aren’t telling the truth as it is, they are just telling you what you want to hear they are fanning the flames of the topic and disregarding the facts to get people on their side (and possibly their subscriptions list) they’re like Fox News. Yeah, I went there. I called Megaman fans with YouTube accounts Fox News reporters. You could argue some of them aren’t deliberately hate-mongering for the sake of getting views. You don’t really have a case though because there are a high number of videos of uninformed people that aren’t providing information, they just stepped on a dog turd and wanted to go on YouTube to complain about it and without any suitable proof that the on disc DLC and No Megaman contributed to their slump. All just theories and unproven ones at that for the sake of hits. At least my theory has evidence.

The same people say that making new mobile games like Breath of Fire 6 and this new Blade Fantasia thing “will no doubt be the end of the company” They say the only way Capcom can get out of this slump is the make…wait for it…A new Megaman game. I know right it’s so simple and original. I’m starting to slowly show distain towards the Blue Bomber. You fanboys are ruining it for me. Nothing ruins a good thing for me like Megaman knowing that I share my tastes with the people who aren’t exactly majoring in business but somehow knows the entire complex and intricate process of video gaming development from behind their keyboards.

Now, To tell industry professionals how to do their job....after this last match.

Now, To tell industry professionals how to do their job….after this last match.


In conclusion, I hope my article will change the world and put a stop to irrational ignorant hate (at least on the Capcom front) just because it’s cool to do it. But reality will always disappoint when compared to the things we imagine so, odds are all I’m going to do with this, is enrage more people about the situation. So, comment away!





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