6.3-inch Samsung Phone – Big Big Big

Ok so the first cellphones where behemoth monsters, we all know that. There sole purpose was to make phone calls, the antennas where also gigantic. The first phone was a Motorola DynaTAC 8000X and it weighed 2 pounds, and was sold for $3,995. Steep price? Well no, even with this high price tag the phone sold very well. Of course people took every chance they could to communicate to their friends and family members without writing a letter, or even Morse Coding your way through everything, the phone provided a gateway and ease to speak to those you hold dear and even your business mates. This was a revolution and opened a door to the modern world we live in today.


The trend kept running, soon you saw cell phones getting smaller and smaller. To every ones amazement this was where the future was. Small portable devices, people loved the fact that you could fit a phone in your pocket. The Motorola Razr was is a great example of how small phones got, the phone given by its name was extremely thin. It was a huge upside to a lot of people, especially teens and students. The appeal was in the fact that you could hide the phone using basically anything, beside a book,  between your legs, and even a notebook. The fact that phones where only getting smaller was a huge appeal. That is until phones started featuring touch screens.


The Small phone craze quickly subsided and consumers started aiming their wallets at big buck, big screen, touch screen phones. One of the big reasons this happened is the quality of media was rising. Videos became widescreen, images become hi-res, games became an everyday thing on phones. It’s only right with all this media at the palm of your hands your screen be bigger to help with the visual aid. Then we received of the most popular phones on the market, the iPhone.

first-iphoneThe iPhone started something that could not be stopped, yes there where touch screen phones before the iPhone but they where all unreliable and all featured very iffy touch screens. The phone featured an easy GUI to navigate, and had a very smooth touch feel. Music, Videos, Movies, Games, Calendars, Camera, and YouTube right in the palm of your hands. From that day forward the phone craze had switched from small is good, to big + smart phone = good. Then we make a pit stop to the Android time period. Of course good had to jump into this madness, no longer just a internet search provider Google gave us the Android Operating System, Linux based yes, but for phones.

The name Android derived from the mere fact that phones where becoming as smart as ever. It was now your entire world at the palm of your hands. Not just calling, but everything. Anything you could think of was on your phone. When they say there is an app for everything that isn’t an exaggeration, its fact.

Today we have phones that are almost as big as tablets, and with Samsung always trying to outdo the competition its not surprise that they are at the helm of a 6.3-inch smart phone. Their Samsung Galaxy Tablet starts at 7 inches, its getting there. With Hi-Def being implemented into phones, it’s only right that the screens get bigger. Of course the trend wont continue for ever, there will come a time where someone, somewhere will create something new but for now this is what we got and it is awesome. So cell phones went from weighing over 2 pounds, and requiring you carry a huge holster to extremely small and pocket sized.GSM-Telefone-1991

The new Samsung phone will be sold for around $800 without a contract and $150 with a contract. AT&T will be the first to have the phone, all major carriers will have it soon after. If you like big phones, this is one to look at. The Samsung Galaxy Mega, go check it out.1376926116000-galaxy-mega

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