inFAMOUS Turns 10 Years Old Today

Today the inFAMOUS series developed by Sucker Punch turns 10 years old. On Twitter, Sucker Punch posted thanks to the fanbase and stated while they are working on Ghost of Tsushima, they wanted to post 10 inFAMOUS facts celebrating 10 years.

In the Twitter feed, they continued by posting the 10 facts which were mostly about the development of the game and the different ideas that occurred during that time.

I personally find these facts pretty interesting such as the customization and being able to do motorcycle stunts. It just makes you think about all the ideas and brainstorming that takes place into making games, especially a brand new IP such as inFAMOUS.

inFAMOUS is one of my favorite series to play on PlayStation and while Sucker Punch is currently creating Ghost of Tsushima, I would hope that they will revisit the IP sometime in the future.

Stay tuned to GaminRealm more updates on Sucker Punch and Ghost of Tsushima

Source: Twitter

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