After using the “Any Console Mini” I was having difficulties connecting my phone with the app and the device. Once I  got everything connected the quality didn’t look crisp and there were some latency issues as well. I have the Samsung note 20 Ultra with a Samsung 4k tv and it was just easier for me to mirror what’s on my phone that way. If your looking for a device that can mirror your phone pick up the “Any Console Mini”  if there is no other alternative. Here is the full press release please check it out and support the company.

For years, gaming enthusiasts have enjoyed video games on the small screen of their handheld mobile device without the option of expanding the screen to a full-size console experience. That is, until now.

Anyware Technology has officially launched its one-of-a-kind AnyConsole Mini™ on IndieGogo. At just $99, the AnyConsole Mini allows gamers to play games such as Fortnite Mobile on a television display or computer monitor for a game-console-like experience without latency issues or loss of data.

“With machines getting smarter, I think many assume that we need to put CPUs in just about every device we own, but we think differently. You can simply use the CPU right on your phone,” says John Sheng, founder and president of Anyware Technology. “Our new AnyConsole Mini – armed with our proprietary technology – is different from other similar products because the device allows you to play mobile games on your big screen, not console games.”

The AnyConsole Mini is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play device that will have users up and running quickly and efficiently. And not only is the new unit ultra-lightweight, it also charges your phone while in use and can be even used for other functions and apps on your phone.

The new AnyConsole Mini is scheduled to begin shipping in the United States in August, but pre-orders are available.

“When everything is powered by your phone, you no longer need to sync between four or five different systems, or log in a thousand times on all your devices,” Sheng continues. “All of your data will be in one place, and all machines will be ready to serve you with one touch.”

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