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Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda recently talked about some big plans for the company in a recent interview with Nikkei Trendy, stating that there are “high-end games” coming from Japan and studios in other countries. This includes a brand new JRPG for consoles. “For fiscal 2015, I think we have a considerable amount of high-end games both inside and outside the country. Starting with Final […]

Did Phil Spencer just give Xbox and Gears of War fans more reason to expect the much desired Marcus Fenix Collection soon on Xbox One? It’s possible according to this response to a fan recently posted by Spencer himself. He could have just been giving a lighthearted response to a fan, but it’s also very likely that “stay tuned” does imply […]

Want to transfer your data from your Xbox 360 copy of MGS V: Ground Zeroes to your brand new copy of The Phantom Pain on your shiny, new PS4? Sadly, you’re out of luck, but thankfully Konami has given us a useful chart to see how these transfers will work.   It seems that generally your Ground Zeroes data will […]

If you have Xbox Live Gold, Bioshock Infinite and Rayman Legends are currently free till the end of March. Rayman Legends is free on Xbox One, so don’t miss out on one of the best 2D platformers in years. Bioshock Infinite is my favorite FPS game of all time, so I highly recommend giving this atmospheric and fast-paced shooter a […]