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Next Mario game to be made?

Recently producer Yoshiaki Koizumi revealed Edge Magezine  that another Mario game is in development at EAD Tokyo. He didnt Reveal any big secrets about any gameplay aspects or anything or even which of Nintendo’s platforms it would be on  but he did say “I can tell you, though, that we’ve already started approaching our next challenge.” The idea of Another […]

  Graphene was going to reinvigorate the electronics industry. Better than silicon, flexible but still more durable than steel and with better heat conduction, it was Like the American.(welll all of the world really)Dream. According to Samsung it’s back and better than ever. In a partnership with Sungkyunkwan(Yeah, i don’t think i can even begin to pronounce that” University, it […]

EVGA has announced new 6GB variants of its Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 and 780 Ti cards. Nvidia partnered up with EVGA to offer  the new 6GB  models of the Cards after news emerged at the CeBIT event that Sapphire was launching a pair of 8GB Radeon R9 290X cards, piling the pressure on Nvidia to up the Ante in order […]

With the announcement of AMD’s new Mantle technology six months ago PC gamers and developers have been buzzing. Although only 2 games currently support the API The API has primarily been created for PC, with implementation currently in place for those GPUs sporting AMD’s Graphics Core Next architecture. AMD and EA Seem to be in Cahoots when it comes to […]

The OUYA will finally give developers freedom to publish games without needing a demo version or free content. A feature I’m sure not a lot of devs were fond of to begin with, but it kept potential customers interested in games by letting them try out free demos and the like. Although making demo content actually does cost the developers […]

A Hat in Time is looking pretty great so far. Level editors, a quirky story, girls with mustaches and platforming! The alpha build for the game was officially  released on February 20th and so far the game looks interesting. Although poorly optimized, which is to be expected in the alpha stage of any game. I believe Gears for Breakfast is […]

Xbox one Microsoft DRM still exists!

This just in! And to no surprise to me or many other like minded people the Xbone’s DRM policies are actually still intact. At a local killer instinct tournament in New York city on December 12 during a live broadcast on The Console Forced players out of the Game and back to the dashboard to connect to the internet […]

After updating my 3DS Monday evening so that i may finally link the accounts for both it and my Wii-U.I was greeted with piles and piles of error codes  and it also continued into yesterday morning but Nintendo has finally given users an explanation of the error. and this is what they had to say   “We are aware that […]

Recently  it has been announced by that the Wii-U has outsold the PS4 in north america for 2 weeks straight. Does this mean a comeback for the so called “Dead console”? Only time will tell. Also as of recently Nintendo has be pumping out commercial and various ads to finally eliminate the confusion between the Wii-U and the Wii […]

Sony is Reviving the pocketstation

Old-school and true Sony/Playstation fans may remember the pocket station. A tiny memory card for the PSOne with 5 buttons and an LCD screen that allowed you to play mini-games on it, that could be translated over to your PSOne. However the Device may be widely unknown to Westerners as it never left Japan after it’s early 1999 release. It […]