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Today Nintendo serve up some new features about Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, the game will be released on November 20 in North America and Europe. Here is the new details about the game. Amiibo Compatibility: Players can choose supported amiibo figures to be partners in online doubles matches, or players can enlist them to battle strong computer-controlled opponents in the offline […]

Xenoblade chronicles X special edition for the wii u launches on December 4, alongside the standalone version of the game. The price will be $89.99 and its only unique to North America. The Special edition is available for pre-order now at select retailers  nationwide.   Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition contains : The Xenoblade Chronicles X game A gorgeous book of concept […]

Star Fox Zero Release Date Confirmed

Today Nintendo officially confirmed the release date, for Star Fox Zero. The game is set to be release on November 20,2015 in both North America and Europe. I’m really excited for this title, the last time i played Star Fox was back in 2002. by

Pre-order Black Ops 3 today at your local Gamestop, to get the chance to play the Beta starting tomorrow. This will give you access to play on PS4 only, but Xbox One and PC will begin On August 26. The traditional five bucks down will get you started for the beta. by

Online African retailer Raru lists, Mewtwo Amiibo release date as October 23, 2015. No official confirmation from Nintendo yet, please take this with a grain salt. They where also responsible for previous spot on Amiibo leaks. by

The beginning of this generation and the last generation has seen a huge focus on the development of virtual reality Headsets. The first being Oculus VR with their Oculus Rift, and then of course Sony with it’s Project Morpheus. Now as a gamer, I have honestly always thought that everything done in terms of cutting edge graphics, motion controls, and […]

Recently, a Famitsu article detailed some information on the upcoming Wii U title, Splatoon. To many people’s dismay, the game will not feature communication for players you are matched with. Here are a few things that were revealed: Working on a local multiplayer mode in addition to online and Hero Mode Hero mode is predominantly a 3D platformer with heavy […]

One of the biggest letdowns of gaming for me has been the huge focus on DLC over the last generation heading into this one. It is not that I disagree with added content, adding more to a game is a great way to add to the longevity of the experience. My problem is when things are added as paid DLC, when […]

2DS For $79 Bucks On November 3rd At Walmart

On November 3rd Walmart will be selling the Nintendo 2DS for $79 dollars , this is a great deal considering that Smash Bros 4 is already out for the 3DS. Regular price was $129.99. A must buy if you want to experience the 3DS library of games without the 3D effect.   by

GamesterGear : Cruiser P3210 Review

The Cruiser P3210 headset is very lightweight and comfortable. I had the chance to meet up with GamesterGear at this years E3; very nice people very confident in their products. The Cruiser P3210 headset is very incredible  when it comes to sound the bass is very satisfying and the rumble effects are just amazing. The vibration  on your ears feels funny at first but after a while it […]