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2DS For $79 Bucks On November 3rd At Walmart

On November 3rd Walmart will be selling the Nintendo 2DS for $79 dollars , this is a great deal considering that Smash Bros 4 is already out for the 3DS. Regular price was $129.99. A must buy if you want to experience the 3DS library of games without the 3D effect.   by by

GamesterGear : Cruiser P3210 Review

The Cruiser P3210 headset is very lightweight and comfortable. I had the chance to meet up with GamesterGear at this years E3; very nice people very confident in their products. The Cruiser P3210 headset is very incredible  when it comes to sound the bass is very satisfying and the rumble effects are just amazing. The vibration  on your ears feels funny at first but after a while it […]

According to a member of the NeoGAF forums, Super Smash Bros 4 for the 3DS file size is  2.1GB. The member posted a picture of the Japanese packaging for the game. I personally cannot wait for this game to come out.  Super Smash Brothers 4  for the 3DS will hit store shelves on October 3 2014, until then continue to enjoy brawl. Also this is around  the same […]

The Gamecom 788  headset is a very good value for the money. The sound quality is superb and offers 7.1 surround sound;  it also has a button on the bottom part of the hear cup. The headset works very well with Skype and Windows 8, has an easy plug in USB  and can be used for chatting on online games and Skype. Now lets talk about […]

Nvidia G-SYNC

I had a chance to talk with Bryan Del Rizzo from Nvidia  yesterday; about there new G -SYNC technology. Bryan explained how well G-SYNC works with the games and how smooth the performance is, as well as the refresh rate. Regular monitors have fixed refresh rates but a G-SYNC monitor and video card with G-SYNC is faster, smoother and has a better refresh rate. […] Dogs PC Giveaway

Want to win a free code of Watch Dogs for the PC GaminRealm will be hosting a Watch Dogs giveaway starting now up until the  game’s release. What are the requirements? There are 5 easy steps to take to enter: Register on GaminRealm if you haven’t already. We won’t be giving a free copy to someone who isn’t even a part of […]

The official trailer for Call Of Duty : Advance Warfare and images with release date, was leaked by . Originally the  trailer was set  to be revealed  on May 4.  Kevin Spacey from Netflix original series House of Cards, is in the new trailer, the attention to detail is insane . Citing a “trusted source”, Advanced Warfare is described as focusing on a […]

Sledgehammer Games and Activation  will be dropping some information on Call of Duty 2014.On there twitter page it reads, “A New Era  Call of Duty World Reveal.”  The Countdown will be on this is the official web page for the game. Countdown ends Sunday May 4 at 10 am ET.  Look for the advertisement during the NBA playoffs on that day. […]

This is great news for Nintendo fans, Nintendo is offering one free game to anyone who buys  Mario Kart 8. North America Gamers will get to choose from one out of four games. New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, and Wii Party U.While Europe gets to choose from one out of […]

Nintendo,  finally announces  Mario Kart  8 Wii U bundle for North America. The bundle was previously announced for Europe  now its coming to North America.  Now for what comes in the box; you get a digital copy of Mario Kart 8 , Red Wii wheel, Mario Wii plus remote  and the Wii U deluxe. This is a great deal for […]