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Sony’s next-generation system has finally launched and the system was met with very positive reception. Though the system itself is great, early adopters are experiencing a small drought of sorts. Luckily, this is all temporary and will be changing very soon later this year.  There are tons of games scheduled to hit the PS4 later this year, but certain games […]

Fable Trilogy Announced For Febuary

Microsoft announced today that  Fable trilogy will be released for Xbox 360 on February 4, in North America and in Europe February 7, . The Trilogy will included Fable 2, Fable 3 & the remake version of the original Fable which is called Fable anniversary . The anniversary edition will be released on February 7,. The trilogy will be offered […]

Microsoft’s  highly anticipated first person online shooter may not sell as well as they think it will; due to no single-player. Titanfall is  a new type of  first person shooter; that allows you to play as a  pilot  and a titan . The game looks very promising and is suppose to change the way we play first person shooters. The […]

PlayStation Store Update For This Week

Hey! fans here is the PlayStation store update for this week. Don’t Starve Console Edition : $14.99 free with PS Plus PS4 Tiny Brains: $19.99 PS3 Furmins Full Game + Bonus World $6.49 PS Vita Assassins Creed Liberation HD $19.99 PS3 Devil May Cry $39.99 free with PS Plus PS3 New Movies: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Carrie 2013   by

PS4 Sold 4.2 Million Worldwide

Sony announced  yesterday at CES 2014, the sales for the PS4. Between November 15 to December 28 2013 the PS4 sold a whopping 4.2 million units. Amazing, considering the Xbox one sold 3 million units the Xbox one had 5.5 weeks where as the PS4 had 6 weeks.Great job Sony keep it up. by

A new game development studio called “StudioMDHR” is working on a unique title called ‘Cuphead’. It has a very cartoony art style which looks to be taking inspiration from the very old Disney/Mickey Mouse cartoons (and cartoons from the 30’s in general). The style of gameplay is said to be a sidescrolling shooter, similar to games such as Gunstar Heroes, […]

PS4 500GB HDD Can Hold Up To 27 Games

According to IGN, today they ran tests to see how many games could be installed on the PS4 500gb.  Surprisingly, the system can hold up to  27 games. This may vary depending on what u have on your hard drive. This is alot of games you can play; not bad considering how big these next gen games are. by

The Sims 4 Delayed Until Fall 2014

The original  release date for the game was March 2014. EA  has announced The Sims 4  for PC and Mac; the  game will hit store shelves fall 2014. The Sims 4 is available for pre-order now. by

GameStop Is Discounting PS3 And Xbox 360

GameStop announces that they are discounting the PS3 and Xbox 360; from October 11 2013 through  October  24, 2013. This is a very good time to pick up either console for those who couldn’t afford to buy them brand new. Here comes the new and old prices: Original Xbox 360 – $99.99 (previously $129.99)  Xbox 360 Slim 4 GB system – […]

Watch Dogs + The Crew Delayed Until 2014

Ubisoft  announces the delay of  two of the most anticipated games of the year. Watch Dogs is by far one of  the best looking new ip’s we have ever seen. The Crew is a  different type of racing game that allows you to team up and race with friends as a team across the USA. So expect Watch Dogs to […]