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On Nintendo’s show floor at this year’s E3, I was able to get my hands on the surprise Bayonetta 1 port that is headed to the Wii U alongside Bayonetta 2 when it launches this October. When the port was confirmed during the Digital Event, instantly I was curious of how it ran compared to the 360 and PS3 versions […]

Dead Island 2 was just recently announced this week during Sony’s E3 conference that took place yesterday. During the first official day of E3, GaminRealm was able to attend an appointment made with Deep Sliver, where the studio gave press extensive details as well as sneak-peek footage of the game in action. We were first informed about the different characters […]

After the Digital Event that took place earlier this morning,  Nintendo has announced that there will be a bundle for Smash 4, hitting store shelves this holiday season, that will include the game, a brand new GameCube controller, and of course the recently-announced GC adapter. Of course, you can purchase either of the two seperately, with the adapter being priced […]

Starfox Wii U Leaked?

Usually, I would tell everyone to not get your hopes up over unconfirmed information and rumors, but this………this just seems all too legitimate. Apparently, Time has leaked the existence of a brand new Starfox game, as well as two other new IPs from no other than Mr. Miyamoto. No specific details seem to have been given from Time, and the […]

Earlier this month, GaminRealm was the first site to break the news that Mario Kart 8 would not feature voice chat. Yours truly found this information on the Wii U’s eShop itself where “Game Chat” was missing from the features list. Looking at Mario Kart 8’s list of details now though, turns out that “Game Chat” is now listed. [Credit […]

Nintendo has revealed some of their upcoming plans for E3 2014 this year, and unfortunately, appearing back on-stage is not included in the program. Instead, Nintendo will be hosting a “Nintendo Digital Event” at 9am PST on June 10th. This is not to be confused as a Direct, as Nintendo has labled it as a “new video program” that they’ll […]

Nintendo has just revealed that they will be hosting a Smash 4 tourney (for Wii U) at E3 2014 this June. This information was revealed in a [quite amusing] video uploaded to Nintendo official YouTube account. Nintendo also released a PR statement going into to more details about their plans: Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2014 will see the arrival of […]

GaminRealm Podcast Episode 15

Join us for another GaminRealm podcast featuring the usual crew. There’s not as many topics discussed as usual, but we do focus and give more insight on the ones featured. Is the Apple TV the next big thing or no? Did the Wii U launch too early? How well of a job is Iwata doing? We discuss all of this […]

The rumors were true; The Last of Us is coming to the Playstation 4. Earlier today, an ad for the game was accidentally put up on the Playstation Store, which was then promptly taken down. Fortunately though, we do have a screenshot of the ad while it was still up: Yoshida then took to Twitter to share an official PR […]

One of the major problems plaguing Nintendo’s image right now is their lack of ambition for online multiplayer games. Games such as Nintendo Land and 3D World were offline-only in favor of an “NES-like experience”. And when a Nintendo games comes out that does have online multiplayer, it’s usually lacking in standard online features. This may not come as a […]