Battlefield 4 Wishlist

My Battlefield 4 Wishlist:

  • Defibrillator re-balancing:  One of the most frustrating parts about Battlefield is when they introduced the “Defibs,” enabling the player being revived having no choice if they wanted to get back up in the fight, or wait for the re-spawn. BF3 “attempted” to fix this problem, enabling players being revived to press “B” (on xbox) to die, rather than getting back up. The problem with this is that it doesn’t always work! There is a time delayed pause between when you are revived and the icon enabling you to press the button to allow yourself to just die and re-spawn and in between that time frame, enemies can you shoot dead…again, and you can’t do anything about that. Causing more frustration for the player, now being penalized with a longer re-spawn timer and to the medic who revived you without clearing the area. I find it cheap and unfair that players can get unlimited amounts of defib revives from medics, making the medic class unstoppable when everyone is using it, I want in BF4 either a certain amount of times you can be revived or a time delay restriction between the revives, meaning you die, 1 second later you are revived, 5 seconds later you die again and going down again so fast right after the revive, you should be unable to be picked up again, in other words, there should be a timer of when you can be revived. Next, defibs should take longer time charging than the maybe 1 second delay we have now in BF3, another edge to the medic class that makes it so dominate.
  • The Different Classes: BF3 allows players to play tactfully with all the different class roles in the game, Medic (Assault), Engineer, Support, and Recon. However, with the Assault class being able to give health to wounded allies or reviving the dead, a full squad of medics can easily out-do any squad combination of classes. The Assault class has so many different customization options such as the med-pack and all the different M320 attachments and M26 Mass, plus the X-Bow, on top of that, easily the best weapons at hand, with the defibs to bring back the dead just makes it too unstoppable and unbalanced. I’d like to see possibly a fifth class of the current four that mixes the Assault and Engineer class, stripping some of the different load out varities with the current Assault class and putting it into the new fifth class, the “Spec Ops” class. Or a simple re-balancing of weapons, making carbines more deadly to assault rifles and making the current Assault class too powerful.
  • Dedicated Servers: When consoles were given dedicated servers for BF3, everyone was just so dandy, stop…they suck. I like being able to play a certain map with max tickets and mess around, but there is just such an overload of Canal servers its ridiculous. Countless people waste their money to rent a server from DICE just to make it a 24/7 500% Canal lobby. Its just awful, or there are tons of servers with maybe 2-4 maps in the playlist, it sucks, it really does. I like to play all the maps, but you could say, well go play on the DICE servers. 100% ticket DICE servers are literally 5 minute games or less, its too short. Once you get going, get a good kill streak going, games over. There are so few of lobbys out there, well at least on the Xbox 360 that offer all the maps, and are not being dictated by the admin, you do anything that the admin doesn’t like, such as just killing him, BAM, you just got the boot, its ridiculous. I want BF4 to have more options available through the DICE servers, because it really isn’t possible to tell these kids that buy servers to make them a playlist that you want, because its all about “me” and “I” right? Even this wishlist is!  DICE should offer servers that Call of Duty does, or at least did, where they were quick 30 second timers or whatever and you’re back in the game playing. Have servers for all the different ticket counts, to suit all the players on Battlefield.
  • Game Modes: Frankly, all the new game modes that DICE made for BF3 suck, I don’t like them at all, they’re just bleh, they’re below average to average game modes, that really are just a mixture of games modes. Sure its cool, and they should keep it for the fans of these game modes, but they need to add more variety, such as a competitive servers, MLG servers, to suit the players who want to test their skill or the average, recreational gamer, that just wants to have fun playing the game. More game modes, or at least different servers available based on skill, or at least to test your skill in.
  • Better DLC: This is simple enough, make better DLC, I’m not very happy with the DLC, I’m much happier with the originals, all the DLC I think for the most part, is a combination of all the other maps, and its just seems a bit lazy, but I did like End Game. Going along with DLC, you get assignments. Thats annoying, we just paid for the DLC, but you’re making us do certain things, like para-drop vehicles on peoples faces to unlock a dual attachment pistol? I find that ridiculous, EA and DICE forcing the players dedicated enough to spend time trying to fittle with the EOD bot’s horrible control scheme to unlock a DLC that you paid for. I’m not happy about that at all, but I do like some of the challenges, because it gives you goals to aim at while playing, but they should be optional, giving you dog tags, not forcing you to do it just so you can use or have a weapon or camouflage.
  • Balancing Teams: BF3 lobbies aren’t designed like Black Ops 2, they don’t balance the teams based on connection, skill, and all those details and I think if they did that, it would make the game more enjoyable, or at least challenging. Its frustrating going into a match by yourself with random squad mates against an opposing team with nearly every squad full of people that know each other and are competitively communicating in the game, and after every disastrous defeat, there’s no re-balance of the squads. I’m not saying to rip players from their squad, but to put the squads that made up the full team, be switchable on opposing teams next round in sake of trying to make it a fair match and not a pig shoot. It is a tricky concept to try to perfect, and for the most part, this is a minor issue within the game.
  • Customization: More customization! Players to be able to tune into their type of game style, with more weapons, attachments, camouflages, weapon and player gear, toning in on the players fantasy on their dream soldier. The customization feature of BF3 I think is pretty basic, but it is still a big step up from Bad Company. The camouflages in the games are pretty bad though, at least for the Russians. The Russians inf BF3 let alone look ridiculous with what they are wearing in every class role, besides maybe the Assault class, and the camouflages for the Russians look so bad, so bad.  Players should be able to swap out different gear items that is just for appearance sake, and enabling them to blend in better with their surroundings. And come on, ghillie suits, they need to come back!
  • Bugs: Battlefield multiplayer maps are so huge, there are always going to be glitches, bugs, and all that, but please DICE, try your very best to fix these!

I hope these are insightful wishes for Battlefield 4 and that most of them are addressed or featured in the game, please feel free to leave a comment with what you agree/disagree with and some other ideas and hopefully this gets to DICE!

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