Blizzard Introduces New Video Series: Crash Course

Today Blizzard released a plethora of helpful videos on their official YouTube channel, but these aren’t aimed to new players they are actually meant for players who have reached level 90.

The new series titled “Crash Course” currently has a video for each class at level 90. In a blog post on the site this is what they had to say:

“Want to leap into action with a new class at level 90 but not sure how to begin? In our new videos, one for each of WoW‘s 11 classes, we’ll give you a crash course on how to play your new level 90 character. To help you get started, these videos focus on one damage-dealing (DPS) specialization for each class.”

You can check out all of the “Crash Course” videos below for tips on how to play your Level 90 characters in World of Warcraft:

Crash Course – Dark Knight
Crash Course – Druid
Crash Course – Hunter
Crash Course – Mage
Crash Course – Monk
Crash Course – Paladin
Crash Course – Priest
Crash Course – Rogue
Crash Course – Shaman
Crash Course – Warlock
Crash Course – Warrior

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