Can Nintendo Persuade 3rd Party Developers With The NX?

There is no doubt in my mind that around this time frame of next year(2017), Nintendo will surely blow our minds with the Nintendo NX. Most importantly, they will give us another reason to believe in them. Not only does this new console represent the new companies change of management, but surely test how open Nintendo is to playing nice with and allowing open development for the NX. Earlier this week, E.A(Electronic Arts) went on record when responding to a claim that they would indeed support the Nintendo NX. They only issued one statement, “if it makes sense“.

What Does That Mean For Nintendo?

It means that, if the NX isn’t worthy, then there is no point going through the hassle of trying to develop 3rd party games with a complicated system with underwhelming hardware. Imagine trying to produce HD images on tube T.V, its not going to happen. What are your thoughts on this article?

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