Capcom Has Only $152 Mil in the Bank

According to GameIndustry, Capcom has a total of $152 million dollars in the bank.

To those who may not be so knowledgeable when it comes to the financials of these gaming companies, that is not a lot of money by any means. That’s actually a dangerously minuscule amount. To put things into perspective, Nintendo made roughly more than this in their 3 months alone. This leads to Capcom making huge changes for this upcoming gen, including an even bigger focus on DLC than before.

“I regret to say that, up to now, we had few plans for the full-scale implementation of DLC.” From here on out, we need to focus on the long-term provision of content starting at the earliest stages of development. Furthermore, in terms of user response, if the additional related content we are providing continually to users online is deemed uninteresting from the start, there will be no ongoing business to pursue. This means that, more than ever before, the creation of underlying content is the key to success.” – COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto

If we all thought that Capcom’s sneaky on-disc DLC practices were bad, well, it’s only going to get worse for now on. This could also mean that hardly and “exclusive” Capcom games will stay exclusive. Don’t be surprised if Deep Down comes to the Xbox One, seeing how Capcom is really in need of the cash right about now.

Even worse, of course, this is a next-generation transition. Going into the next gen with higher-budgeted projects and only $152 in your back pocket is very dangerous.

But in all honesty – and I’m sorry to say this – but I can’t feel sorry for Capcom. This is what happens when you nickel-and-dime gamers and sellout your most beloved franchises in the attempt of appealing to the masses. Capcom has continually betrayed their fans and have even buried their own beloved mascot, Megaman. They may finally get what’s coming to them.

Could this mark the beginning of the end for Capcom?

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104 thoughts on “Capcom Has Only $152 Mil in the Bank

  1. Capcom going out of business? Good. Their franchises will get sold off to other companies, and everybody will be happy. I’m honestly hyped.

  2. Nintendo ! you have like 10+ BILLION dollars in YOUR bank… buy capcom! get monster hunter ! WIN WIN !

    • It’s not a win until it’s on PlayStation Vita and PS4 as well.

  3. That has to be a lesson. Customer is ALWAYS right and the word of the majority of fans is LAW.

  4. *Nelson laugh* HA HA! This is what you get for pissing off the fans.

  5. Sell the rights to Megaman back to Inafune, problem solved. You got money, we get what we want.

  6. Switch Kill says:

    If capcom had just continued the Devil May Cry series rather than making it a completely new game…

  7. If Capcom is as bad as people say, then one can’t blame them for having money issues.

  8. Reggie: Make better games and people will buy them.

  9. Well jeepers Capcom. Canceling all those Megaman games, on disk DLC, denying people the ability to erase save files, that embarrassingly written DMC reboot, releasing “super” games less than half a year after the initial release without the ability to upgrade, intrusive DRM, whiddling down your remaining franchises to bland lowest common denominator grabs?

    What exactly did you think would happen?

  10. The silly part if people were drooling for UMVC3 updates. If they just listened to the fans and provided innovative character downloads instead of prepackaged ones. And the fact that there was 0% DLC this time around they just carried jill and shuma over? Smh

  11. seriously don’t go making a new streetfighter if your just adding new fighters just add them as Packs and another thing try adding campaign add on your games and I don’t mean how you had like dead rising case west I mean go like the way you did with slant 6 add a seperate storyline add new level packs hell even try making a fighting game deal with the other companys that made project x zone make the mmo you canceled go back to retro where it was fun remember that allstar game that was canceled or hell work with Kojima to make the ultimate survivor horror game pick out all the old games you made in the 90’s for 2 hours just to remember what was fun

  12. RavenKingSage says:

    I just want them to live long enough for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies to release in the West.

    Maybe their huge franchises will finally be placed into the hands of competent businessmen. For every bad decision they made, they deserve this. Even though I loved Ghost Trick and DuckTales Remastered.

  13. Lol! So there response is to piss people off with more bullshit? Bye Capcom! Nice knowin ya! We don’t need you anymore. Make youselves useful and shine my shoes!

  14. Being an oldschool gamer, part of me will be sad if Capcom ever folds. Even during it’s more questionable years, Capcom has been a company of quality and home of some of my favorite series: Devil May Cry, Breath of Fire, and of course everyone’s favorite boy robot Mega Man. However, when I think about what those series are doing now, I can’t help but say you deserve this, Capcom. I mean seriously.

    DmC killed Dante and replaced him with annoying twat who can’t tell cool apart an anal cavity.

    Breath of Fire 6, the first BoF game in a decade, is a damn social RPG for smartphones and bares absolutely NO resemblance to franchise.

    And Mega Man, the FACE OF CAPCOM, has been abused with constant cancellations and neglected under a pile of broken dreams with a sign saying “Not enough Fan support.”

    Before Capcom collapses, I hope they sell of the rights to these three franchises to more capable people. Like say:

    Platinum Games gets Devil May Cry (And maybe even work the DMC universe in with the Bayonetta universe)

    Camelot Software Planning, or their owner Nintendo, gets Breath of Fire (The Takehashi brothers have stated that they would love to make a BoF game, though I’d hope they get someone else to write the story)

    And Comcept gets Mega Man (Though Nintendo would also work given how much love and attention they are giving the Blue Bomber in Smash Bros 4)

  15. さよならCAPCOMさん says:

    nice! I wish Capcom will bankrupt soon!
    Die you capcom!
    Die you with your DLC and ignoring our critics!
    Die you with your selfish!
    Die with your money oriented thinking!
    I wish the company who will buy capcom will release game better than current capcom!

  16. i do not like the modern capcom. if they listen to the fans and make a next game that we want. maybe we can save them. first thq and now this, we cant let it happen

  17. The franchises might as well die instead of staying at Capcom. I hope they sell them for a reasonable price so Nintendo or another company continues to support those franchises. I just hope they leave the industry and while at it, take EA with you as well.

  18. Seriously? Whats with all the hate? Capcom has given gamers how many years of good games? And they still do now. Yes the DLC is annoying as balls and they’ve made plenty of boneheaded decisions, but good lord this is an industry pillar we’re talking about. Here’s hoping Konami never bites it. YAY! send all the franchises to other developers! Because that means they’ll do better right? Maybe you all forget how much the industry owes Capcom, hell, just for 2D fighting games alone. Not a Capcom fanboy per se, but I am a game fanboy. If ANY big name developer goes down that’s bad news for everyone. because that’s less games.we get, DLC and bad moves aside. It’s lose/lose. At least if they do go under the Crapcom hate train will go away and we can all listen to how their franchises are being mistreated, or how there are no good games anymore, That’s a horse the community hasn’t beaten for a while right?

    • The reason for the hate is Capcoms practices. They do things like make MvC3, only to release UMvC3 a couple of months later without the “Ultimate” part being as an add-on for the regular title. They do things like SSFIV which I mentioned below. It’s common practices like this where they loose loyalty & where people move on. Keep in mind that it’s not “out of the blue” in this regard, we as consumers have been telling this to that company for YEARS; look at IGNs forums, Capcoms Twitter & Facebook pages, hell even G4s pages back when G4 was actually about games. That’s not listening to your customers. The Capcom of today is not the Capcom of yesteryear anymore then the Konami of today is like the Konami of yesteryear.

  19. Remake resident evil0,1,2,3and4 then check your money again capcom

  20. Like many have said before me, I hope Nintendo buys Mega Man. Couldn’t hurt to have Resident Evil either.

  21. Well, I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad. This might be the end of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series (in the West, at least), which is a series I absolutely love…but I’m REALLY mad at Capcom for making so many bad decisions so I can’t quite sympathize with them. >->

  22. Well this could be good or bad, but it’s kinda what they deserve. They NEVER listen to their fans. I didn’t think it could get any worse, but it did when Sven left. If they listened to their fans they might not be so low on money. For instance, they are releasing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies October 24th as digital download only. The fans have pretty much begged for a physical release just like Japan got, seriously there are 2000 people asking for it on the forums and they refused to give in. So now a lot of people are going to boycott the game which is not good for Capcom. As I said, they kinda deserve it, but I’m not sure if I’ll like to see them go bankrupt or not.

  23. Sell Megaman already, goddamn.

  24. #TripleAcrash says:

    This is good news. With Capcom soon out of the picture, we’ll be one step closer to our goal of crashing the triple A market. Once they go, the rest should start falling like dominoes-right up until the point where only the indie devs are left.

    This is what needs to happen. The games industry needs to be dismantled, and supressed to the indie market. Keep em small, keep em honest.

  25. More DLC? Well see you at the liquidation auctions capcom, take square-enix with you.

  26. i hope mighty no.9 does well

  27. Just do a one good thing in your life,Crapcom.
    Sale Resident Evil’s IP to Zenimax,give Devil May Cry’s,Okami’s and Joe’s IP’s to Platinum games(you don’t care about that games).
    Stop working with a shity western devs and give back Megaman’s IP to Keiji Inafune.

  28. Pleas go and bankrupt Crapcom!

  29. “This is what happens when you…sellout your most beloved franchises in the attempt of appealing to the masses.”

    That’s exactly what a company needs to do if it wants to financially get back on track. The masses are where the money is at.

    (Also, “lowest common denominator” is such a misleading term. I prefer “greatest common factor,” as that’s a closer mathematical analogy and is a lot more positive. Usage of the term “the masses” or “LCD” as derogatory is elitist and exclusionist.)

  30. you know guys in my opinion, one of the reasons i think that some franchises like mega man has gone down because it hasn’t well been received in japan lately. since capcom is born in japan, i guess they are most focus on what the japanese like today such as monster hunter (sorry ben a monster hunter fan)

  31. Also guys have you seen Monster Hunter, its recent game MH4 (Monster Hunter 4) has been a hit in japan solding 1.7 million units in two days

  32. Looks like mega man got his revenge at capcom by a mega Fucking blast to the face!!!! Fuck you capcom!!! And your plan on DLC? Oh please you should have done that 3 years ago fuckers

  33. Sell or give your IP’s to a normal companies that will care about that franchises more then you.
    Seriously Crapcom, you only have a 150million’s in bank and what are you planing is milking money on DLC’s? Are you fking stupid? All what you need is to bring back the respect of your own fanbase.
    Bring back the horror into Resident Evil series
    Bring back the original Devil May Cry series or give the IP to Platinum Games.
    Resurrect Megaman Legend’s 3
    Stop Working with a shitty western studios, you’re killing your own IP’s at this point.
    Make your games with your own devs.
    You don’t need a western dev to make a game.
    Learn to respect your own game devs.

    If you can’t do this thing’s then Good by Crapcom.

  34. So what kind of games are you going to make with your 150million’s?

  35. A bankrupt Capcom means Resident Evil will have an ending after all.

  36. Kofi Agyeman says:

    i really hope they don’t go, despite everything they’ve done, but maybe something good can come of it if they do? make like THQ and sell off their ip’s. perhaps the ones they’ve ignored for years can be picked up by companies founded by people who grew up on those games and loved them.

    if there were kickstarters to revive half of the capcom arcade franchises from the nineties, i’d be all about it for life

  37. Capcom is finally getting its comeuppance for screwing over Ace Attorney fans.

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