Capcom Files Trademark for Devil May Cry. Next-Gen Game On The Horizon?

I’ve never been more cautiously optimistic in a while until today. A few days ago, Capcom filed a trademark for “Devil May Cry” which means that there might be a new game on the way. But that’s pretty much it. Nothing else about the supposed game is known. Is it even a game? What are consoles is it for? Will it be portable? Will it be Japanese developed DMC, a sequel to DMC 4? Or an outside developer again; a sequel to DmC? Well, I hope it’s a console game.

Now we get to the best part of the story, my opinion. I’m pretty much in a the minority here when I say this but I’m worried that we are pretty much going to go back to the old white-haired Spike Spiegel wannabe of old that a lot of people like for some reason. What with Capcom confirming that old Dante will come back as well as them confirming that they will stop outsourcing their franchises to outside developers (Outside of Japan). But DmC is still selling surprisingly well a year later so there is that. I want Ninja Theory to try again. The game was really good, but it can be better. Put back the lock-on, Make a better story, fix the frame rate. Hey, fingers grossed.

Plus, if it’s the general consensus of the internet to hate a game because of the main character, then I don’t like the old DMC games because of the old Dante. I never like the old Dante. To me he seems to be a love child between a massive brain aneurism and a 24 hour Cowboy Bebop marathon. Walking around only showing a smug sense of satisfaction 24/7 spouting un-funny cheesy one-liners that would make Spider-man cringe, just pretty much personifies an anime fan’s idea of what cool is. It’s like the new kid who comes to school riding a unicycle, upside-down, blindfolded, through a lake of fire, while quoting Die Hard. He is trying way too hard to be cool just so people can like him. It reeks of desperation for attention. I’ve always hated that Dante. New Dante I felt tried too hard to be a punk with a heart of gold.

You can comment if you want, but let’s try to keep it civilized.

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2 thoughts on “Capcom Files Trademark for Devil May Cry. Next-Gen Game On The Horizon?

  1. really?

  2. Personally I didn’t like very much the new design for dante especially since it looked very much like the director of the game. I liked the old dante because he really was over the top. Granted he wasn’t the best with one liners but you can Damn sure say he was having fun with it every step of the way.

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