Capcom Potentially Up for Sale

Capcom shareholders have officially decided to end their takeover defense that was set up back in 2008. It was designed to prevent anyone else from purchasing a majority of Capcom’s stock. After a recent shareholders meeting, it was decided that this defense will not be renewed. This means that any company could potentially buy it.

This would give the buyer exclusive rights to Capcom’s franchises like Mega Man or Street Fighter. I’m personally really hoping Nintendo is the company to do it. Street Fighter has a long history with Nintendo, and Ace Attorney games have been almost exclusively on Nintendo platforms. I especially feel like Nintendo would give Mega Man the love he deserves, since Capcom has pretty much abandoned him. Would that be the best financial choice for Nintendo? It may or may not be, it would definitely be a risk, but it could also end up paying off very well. Time will tell, but which ever company ends up making this purchase, will have access to a huge library of IPs.

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One thought on “Capcom Potentially Up for Sale

  1. We all know what should happen here. No need to say it. It actually happening would be too much like right.

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