Capcom is On Top: Strider# 1 on PS4

It was a good month for the PS4 and to a lesser extent Capcom as the long awaited return of Strider for peaked at number one on the PS4 charts. Because it’s a great game, a lot of people wanted to get the most out of their PS4’s since there are still no worthwhile games for it yet and, Capcom bundled the first 2 Strider games on the PS3/PS4 versions of the game as well. So it’s one if not all of the 3 reasons listed.

Not much to say but maybe this will turn things around for Capcom seeing as it’s their franchise and all. Below if the list:

PS4 Games

  1. Strider
  2. Thief
  3. LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes
  4. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  5. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
  6. Battlefield 4
  7. Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry
  8. NBA 2K14
  9. Flower
  10. Need for Speed Rivals
  11. Rayman Legends
  12. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  13. Madden NFL 25
  14. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  15. The LEGO Movie Videogame
  16. FIFA 14
  17. flOw
  18. Don’t Starve: Console Edition
  19. Outlast
  20. Trine 2: Complete Story

Update Retraction: Sorry, I just want to say that some days we make mistakes and we should rectify them. I was given bad intel from my sources so I should clarify a small mistake. As it turns out, The PSOne Classics of Strider 1& Strider 2 are NOT bundled with the PS4 version as I stated. They are only bundled with PS3 version of the game only and on top of that, said deal is only in Japan right now.

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18 thoughts on “Capcom is On Top: Strider# 1 on PS4

  1. The original Striders are not bundled with the download reboot. I have the PS4 platinum and no originals are extra as you state.

    Please don’t lie in your journalism -_-

    • Corey Moore says:

      3 Things

      1) You got a PS4! Congrats! Where is the part where I should care?

      2) As I stated already, It was a minor mistake from an otherwise reliable source. We all have bad days. So, get off your high horse.

      3) Please don’t presume things you have little to no understanding of -_- Why would I purposely lie about something I otherwise don’t care about such as the PS4 and accuse me of lying especially with no proof. It makes you look like a bigger douche when compared to my small honest mistake.

  2. 1) You mentioned Sony exclusive content, as a owner it is my right as a customer to correct you, comment section. Go figure!?
    2) You corrected after my comment, so try not sounding smart Mr. Hence, you welcome.
    3) “Little to no understanding” “douche” think that says it all. Not only do lies serve you, along with ego troubles with those who do better research, but on top lies a novice journalist who can’t handle criticism (blunt name calling screams amateur). Good luck with that Rookie ‘Game’ writer, try not to spout nonsense in future.
    Less it be another “bad day”

    • Corey Moore says:

      1) So either English isn’t your best language or you didn’t read my article. My money is on the first one because I already clarified that the mistake was a small minor error on both parts and I apologized but yet, you are still calling me a liar. Also thanks for the “rights as a customer” thing. I got a good laugh out of that as it was the dumbest thing I’ve read today. You do have a right as a commentator though.

      2) Second of all, my boss and my source called me about the mistake hours before your comment and then I corrected it. So don’t act special. It’s not a good look. It’s a little thing called coincidence, look it up.

      3) I’m only gonna chalk up #3 as incoherent PS4 fanboy garbage. Blunt name calling screams amateur so calling me a liar with no proof makes you an expert? Right? Lol no likely dude. You are just another angry fanboy who got miffed as soon as I said something bad about your expensive black paperweight. Before you accuse me of more things that aren’t there, I don’t care for the Xbox One either. I’m done. You’re not the first loudmouth fanboy to fail at telling me how to do my job and odds are you won’t be the last.

  3. Also to be fitting, if you don’t like PlayStation 4? Why write an article dedicated towards the console?
    It’s so perfect a question on your future as a journalist, don’t you think?
    Also on proof for my Strider platinum any online PS Vita/ PS3/ PS4 can access the ID user ‘RSM-HQ’ for my complete 100% proof of Strider.
    Some of us play the “why do I care” games, called being a ‘gamer.’

    Hope it is a bad day for you, You know? Lies, not having interest in the headlined console, n trash talk? Yeeeaaah. . . Otherwise back to school for you ‘bro’.

    • Corey Moore says:

      You Know, alot of people ask me that question all the time. I used to think it was genuine curiosity but now I think it’s utter blindness to the bleeding obvious. So, I’ll answer your stupid question.

      You are probably new to this English language thing and it shows. I never said I didn’t care about the PS4. Even though I don’t. I implied that I didn’t care about your PS4 or what you do on it so that’s one.

      As to why I guess you are also learning about how jobs work. So let me educate you, No need to thank me. You see it was mandated by my boss to write the story. He knows I don’t for the PS4. It’s my job to report the news there is no law that says I have to like it or care for that matter. If I refuse, I get fired.

      So let’s try this English lesson again. I don’t care about your PS4 or what you do to it. So, please stop telling me stuff.

  4. “English your first language” Nope, but don’t see why that matters? When I can still read your language & spell efficiently.

    “Fanboy” Owning a PlayStation 4 doesn’t make a fanboy, that would be waving a flag for an exclusive side, or showing obsession.
    I drifted out the speculation you throwed. Because, let’s be honest? Leave that for the adolescents. Less it become part your passionless career?
    All that said you clearly dislike what I say, when a more extreme gamer complains at your sloppy replies. Best of luck. You’ll need it Fido.
    Do your job more efficiently & learn to professionally handle feedback. & you’ll have no problem, kid.

    Ja mata na.

    • Corey Moore says:

      Wow, look at that still, not understanding english context or anything. You’re right. Please go away. Talking to you is like talking to my computer screen. You are a fanboy, granted not the die hard annoying one but still one nonetheless. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so hardpressed about PS4/ Sony stuff. And to deny that you are to save face is a common fanboy reaction. Thanks for being a statstic. Passionless Career? Lol. You should be a comedian. you wouldn’t be very good at it, but still. Just because I don’t care about the PS4 and it’s empty gimmicks and non existant library of games, Doesn’t mean I don’t care about gaming as a whole and the fact that you think that, further proves my PS4 fanboy claim as your ignorant comments suggests that gaming begins and ends with Sony and the PS4. I hope you are sitting down for this earth shattering fact, but there is more to gaming than the PS4.

      You know what? Whatever dude, The day I take advice from a generic internet console fanboy is the day I retire from this job. Now go away and cry into you PS4 since you are so fond of it much. I’ve got work to do reporting on other less dumb gaming things unlike the PS4. I said it before and I’ll say it again, You’re not the first loudmouth fanboy to fail at telling me how to do my job and odds are you won’t be the last.

    • Okay, but here is the thing, you don’t have any criticism at all, and all you have is an accusation and an inaccurate one. The author’s outlandish response is justified.

      So, it’s either you don’t know what a liar is or you just don’t want to admit that you are wrong. Saying something wrong because of bad intel doesn’t make anyone a liar.

      He said it was a misunderstanding between his source and he corrected it and even apologized for it in a professional manner.

      And don’t copy and paste romanji and act all cultured it just makes you look like a weeaboo.

  5. @”customer, good laugh” Glad you find it funny some Gamin Realm readers may have bought Strider on a Sony platform expecting the 8-bit/ 16 bit originals bundled with the latest release, based on your quaint ignorance.

    • Corey Moore says:

      No, I find it funny that you think that your “Right as a customer” entitles you to do whatever the hell you want like it’s some kind of police badge or something. You do understand that you are proving my point about your lack of english comprehension and fanboyism for PS4 and Sony and digging yourself deeper with every stupid comment you write. I hope you know that. I never said that Strider games were the 8/16 bit ones you assumed that and also, I’m not the only gaming site on the internet,so it was already common knowledge that the old Strider games in question were the ones for the PlayStation. Again, Please learn how to read throughly and carefully and stop making snap judgement.

      I’m tried of stating this especially to you since you won’t/can’t read it anyway. It was an error of miscommunication of both parts and I’ve since rectifyied it. You didn’t save the world for the PlayStation fanbase like you think you did. So, I’m sorry to crush you dream.

  6. I have it on Play3 man not Play4, that console sucks. Different guy. Still bad rep laughing about us buying Strider. Good ol metrovania game. try it.

    • Corey Moore says:

      Oh..Sorry. I’m sorry about that. I should’ve read the name my bad. Just like you should’ve read the update retarction Hi-Oh!

    • Corey Moore says:

      Um, no. you may be a different guy but you have the same mindset as the same guy. I’m laughing at the idea that somehow being a PS3/PS4 owner entitles someone to do and say whatever they want on the internet and walk around like their the Police or something. Not the fact that he bought Stirder. Strider is a awesome game.

  7. Ha ####! good point. Love the Mega Man articles anyhow. Lessens the blow here. Keep it up, good reads 🙂

    • Corey Moore says:

      I am digging your anti-PS4/anti-Xbox One attitude. Keep it up. Spread the word about us.

  8. No man. It can happen and its not funny. If a guy did buy it based on these website info. And you laugh about it that’s messed up. All the same I’m willing to let it slide. Let us see if the other 1 will?

  9. @rms_hq. You are very messed up jr. Let me guess you arnt english if you confuse “curiosity with; >>>”society” lol END MINDLE$$ RANT

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