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Shingeki no Bahamut Review (Pilot)

Among the series that have been catching everyone’s eye this anime season, I believe that Shingeki no Bahamut stands out among the rest, and really gives a name for itself within the first five minutes of the first episode. Let’s get started. Shingeki no Bahamut is beautifully animated, and holds very different character designs, some that I’ve never seen before, […]

Upcoming Anime in Fall 2014

With the upcoming anime in fall’s 2014 season fast approaching, I’ve browsed through the selection of different series that are set to air this October, and quite honestly, I’m seeing a lot of romance, harem animes, and comedies. Which is good, I guess, but it doesn’t compare to the past summer anime season that completely broke me and a lot […]

Terror in Resonance Finale Thoughts

A small break is necessary when it comes to talking about this series, because it’ll definitely leave you stunned. Here’s a recap of what happened in these last two episodes to catch up on what we’ve missed. Twelve revealed the location of the atomic bomb to Five Nine turned himself in to the police in return for a conference Five […]

For a while now, the Dragon Ball Z games have more or less been pretty underwhelming (at least since Budokai Tenchaichi 3). They had the players go through the same old battles from the television series and movies over and over and it has gotten stale after a while. This time however, Bandai Namco is taking those same iconic battles, and […]

Tokyo Ghoul (Ep. 12) – Ghoul

Compared to the few episodes of Tokyo Ghoul that have been released recently, with all the pacing and story telling, I was pretty worried about this last episode. But it was amazing. Remember episode one, where we get to see all the horrific details and the emotional turmoil that Kaneki endures while turning into a ghoul? Well, this episode brings […]

Tokyo Ghoul (Ep. 11) – High Spirits

Okay, CRAZY episode of Tokyo Ghoul. Absolutely bonkers. Okay. Take a deep breath. Here we go. So Aogiri Tree, Anteiku, and the CCG are in this all-out war, while Yamori is violently and ruthless torturing Kaneki. Here, we see that his toe and fingernails have turned black from the constant regeneration from having them severed. But what I don’t understand […]

Terror in Resonance: Highs and Lows

Okay, guys. HOLY CRAP!! That is what I have to say about this week’s episode of Terror in Resonance. We’ve discovered so much, and we even got to see a tender moment between everyone’s favorite pairing–Twelve and Lisa. Let’s get started! So the Athena Plan that Shibazaki was investigating was indeed a project to enhance young children’s senses to make […]

Tokyo Ghoul Ep. 10 – It’s Goin’ Down

Tokyo Ghoul has easily been one my favorite series this anime season, but this episode has me feeling a bit disappointed. But firstly, let’s summarize it for you guys. Juzo Suzuya is a dove, helping the CCG in their efforts to kill ghouls (Remember that weird, white haired boy from episode 9? Yeah, that’s him) He’s got Kaneki’s name and […]

Terror in Resonance Episode 8 Review

Due to some airing difficulties, the 8th episode of Terror in Resonance was delayed last week and aired this week, but even with the extra week of waiting, I don’t think anyone was ready for this. At all. Shibazaki is diving further into the investigation, with his job on the line, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to solve […]

A First Look into Terror in Resonance

This series as a whole has brought something totally new to the world of anime. Terror in Resonance has no resource material, meaning that it is completely original. No manga to reference from. It’s a unqiue, smart, beautiful series that’ll leave you guessing and on the edge of your seat. The story follows two boys, Nine and Twelve respectively, who […]