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Noragami Series Review

  First and foremost, if you haven’t watched this series, I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a series that delivers some series action, comedy, and romance (because come on, who doesn’t like a little bit of romance?) Because we’re about to get into some serious spoilers. You ready? Let’s do this. So we start off with a minor […]

Tokyo Ghoul: What We’ve Seen So Far

In these series, we’ve basically seen it all. Nearly getting eaten by your date, nearly eating your best friend, to almost getting eaten by a crazed gourmet. Just who in this series doesn’t want to eat Kaneki Ken? I’m really starting to feel for him, at this point. So here’s the run-down of Tokyo Ghoul within eight episodes– In a […]

Attack on Titan Season 1 Review

In case you haven’t heard already, Attack on Titan (Shinjeki no Kyojin) has received immense amount of popularity since its original release last year. With the new English dubbed version airing on Adult Swim, it has flooded with new fans. Either love it or hate it, it doesn’t change that AOT is easily one of the most talked about series […]

Tokyo Ghoul – First Impression (Ep. 1)

College students, baristas, and oh yeah, there’s cannibals, too. That’s right, folks. We’re talking about Tokyo Ghoul. This anime had quite a bit of hype, and now I can see why. As soon as the episode starts, you’re captured in the gorgeous animation, a cityscape view of Tokyo, and then boom, there’s a corpse right there to give you a […]