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Unseen 64′s Tamaki is known for being a reliable source of information, and according to him, an Uncharted Remastered Trilogy will be coming to PS4. The collection is going to be announced at this coming E3 by Sony as an apology for Uncharted 4′s delay. Despite Tamaki being a credible source, this is still a rumor. However, an Uncharted trilogy […]

The new PS4 exclusive survival horror game Until Dawn has finally been given a release date and official box art. The game will release on August 25 of this year in North America. Until Dawn looks very interesting so far, so I can’t wait to see how the final product comes out. We can always use more quality survival horror […]

The detailed racing simulator Project CARS is already out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and has been quite well received, thus far. The developer of the title, Slightly Mad Studios, has been promising a Wii U version for a long time, but it seems that they are having trouble getting the game to run well on the console. At […]

Street Fighter V won’t be released until sometime next year, but it’s apparently going to be playable at CEO (Community Effort Orlando) next month. CEO is an annual fighting game tournament located in Orlando, Florida. The event is going to take place from June 26-28, and passes into the event cost $40 per person. Anyone who’s at the event will […]

Nintendo has announced that a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game titled “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon” will be released on 3DS for North America in Winter 2015, and in Spring 2016 for Europe. The only feature currently known about the game is that it will have randomly generated areas, and that it will be similar to past Mystery Dungeon games. We […]

EA Announces Need for Speed Reboot

Did you know that Need for Speed apparently needed a reboot, considering that Rivals came out only just over a year ago? Neither did I, but EA has announced that the next game in the series will be a “full reboot.” It also has a very unique title… Need for Speed. It’s planned for release this Fall on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You […]

Techland was making a dark fantasy action game called Hellraid planned for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this year, but it seems that the developer has changed its mind, at least for now. They’ve announced that Hellraid’s development has been put on hold, and that it will not be released this year. Whether or not it will actually […]

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX was planned for release on Nintendo 3DS this week, but for some odd reason, that’s no longer happening. Sega has announced that the title will be getting a Limited Edition release, and that it will be delayed until September 8 in North America, and September 11 in Europe. Sega has also not stated why the […]

Hellblade, a new hack-and-slash action game from Ninja Theory, will have a full reveal of gameplay and more on June 10. This information comes from their Hellblade Development Diary video that you can watch below. So far, all we’ve been shown is a CGI teaser trailer, so it will be nice to see actual gameplay. Hellblade is planned for release […]

I’m playing through Bloodborne right now, and I can already say that it is an excellent action RPG. Now here’s some great news for fans of the game, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Bloodborne will be getting an expansion. More info on the expansion will be coming later this year. Yoshida said this on twitter about the expansion: […]