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EVO 2015 Lineup Announced

Today, in a live stream event hosted by Mike Ross, EVO organizer Joey “MrWizard” Cuellar revealed the official game lineup for the fighting tournament. These games are: Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Guilty Gear XRD -SIGN- Killer Instinct Mortal Kombat X Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Super Smash Bros Melee Tekken […]

Club Nintendo Shutting Down

Yesterday we received some sad news. Nintendo officially revealed that they would be shutting down their rewards program, Club Nintendo, for good. Here’s the official statement: Dear Club Nintendo Members, Thank you for your continued loyalty to Nintendo. We launched Club Nintendo 6 years ago in North America, and we’re grateful for all of the feedback that our members have […]

In case you didn’t think the infamous, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, didn’t have any more surprises left in store, think again. That’s right. Miraculously, Sega and Big Red Button couldn’t even manage to do a patch correctly. European players recently received a 1GB patch that was supposedly supposed to fix some of the bugs in the Sonic Boom game. However, no […]

New Pokémon Hoopa Officially Revealed

A brand new mythical Pokémon named Hoopa has been officially revealed! Hoopa is a Psychic/Ghost type and will be available in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire through special means. Hoopa will have the “Magician” ability, which allows it to steal the held item of the Pokémon it hit. We’ve known of Hoopa’s existence for quite a while thanks to hackers who […]

Nintendo Direct Coverage

Nintendo held their Nintendo Direct today and there is plenty of news to cover. Here is a brief look at what the big N showed today: Nintendo started off the show in an extremely positive manner by showing off a trailer of a new Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game’s development will be in the hands of […]

New 3DS Release Date Leaked?

There is a rumor circulating on the internet of a leaked advertisement for the New Nintendo 3DS that shows the release date. Earlier today we reported that a Nintendo Direct is going to be held tomorrow. At this point, I would say that this leaked advertisement is real and that tomorrow we will get the information officially via Nintendo Direct. […]

A Nintendo Direct is on the way for tomorrow. The primary focus being the 2015 Spring game releases for both Wii U and 3DS. Being the first Nintendo Direct of 2015 could mean that there will be some big announcements as well. The New 3DS, Nintendo’s newest handheld is sure to make an  appearance, detailing a release date and pricing […]

Tony Hawk New PS4 Game

During Sony’s Keynote at CES 2015, popular professional Skateboarder and actor Tony Hawk announced that his new console game will be released “later this year” on PS4. He also mentioned that the game is much further along that he had imagined, and while he could not reveal the full title, he hinted at the fact that it will include “TH.” […]

Shigeru Miyamoto recently had an interview with Smosh, and in that interview he stated that a new F-Zero game may indeed be possible if they find the right controller interface. We see a lot of other designers who are kind of making more traditional racing-style games, so we try to focus on something that feels a little bit more gamey. […]

Fans of the beloved classic, Super Mario 64, have begun working on an HD remake set to be released on PC.     This is a non profit project and will be featuring multiplayer! “We haven’t decided completely [on whether multiplayer will be co-op], and to be honest, I think it is something that we will push for a later […]