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So when it comes to my technology and gaming addiction, I really frown upon cutting corners. My definition of cutting corners is simply defined, using crappy/cheap products. While I still hold true to that belief, there is a margin for experimentation. I also believe that before you get really good hardware to help produce your gaming or tech youtube channel, […]

When Ori and the Blind Forest first released on Xbox, no one had a clue what type of atomic force it would have on the gaming community and how it would affect the independent development movement. Ori, basically defines what achievement stands for and what you should aspire to be as an independent developer today. Nordic Games has made it […]

Its true, these days…Good games are just hard to come by. How do we fix that? Well its simple really, just use Naughty Dog’s formula and WhaaBamm! You have yourself a re-branded Uncharted 4. Now obviously we can’t go around re-branding success but if developers took the time to develop how they should, every title releasing should be a success. […]

How is that a game can already come under fire from the purist of the titan franchise Gran Turismo, when it hasn’t even been launched yet. Matter of fact the last time I checked, Gran Turismo Sport hasn’t even received an official launch date, but as of now there has been much un-satisfaction brewing among the franchise fanboys. I sat […]

There is no doubt in my mind that around this time frame of next year(2017), Nintendo will surely blow our minds with the Nintendo NX. Most importantly, they will give us another reason to believe in them. Not only does this new console represent the new companies change of management, but surely test how open Nintendo is to playing nice […]

Well in the land of Nintendo bargains, more times then not, you will rarely find deals such as this. Now sure, the 2DS doesn’t have the 3-D or even the hinge set needed to fold away your handheld; but what it will include is a free digital copy of Mario Kart 7. So regardless of what the 2DS lacks in […]

Oh how the many true Microsoft fanboys will rejoice to the news. According to Xbox Wire, the new Forge software from Halo 5 will see its own version exclusively for Windows 10. So what does that mean exactly? It means that you will be able to access everything associated with creating levels and playing with friends(there is a catch). So […]

Its almost time ladies & gents, after E3 next month, it will be a quick turnaround before we are able to get our hands on the new Final Fantasy XV. The official release as of now is September 30th 2016 and with all the teasers we have been shown to date, its almost mind boggling how Square Enix has been […]

It seems to most of the gaming world, that 2016 has been a great time to reinvent, destroy and rebuild, continue success and for some…Continue to you burn at the steak. Homefront: The Revolution was supposed to be the latter; they essentially destroyed what they had created back in 2011 with their first title, Homefront; a first person shooter developed […]

Since E3 of 2015, Sony has gone on to show us Easter eggs of what looks to be the next gen Crash Bandicoot but has since then failed to give us any intel on what to expect. Fast forward to May 2016 and they have still managed to say nothing. According to a source over at the Its high time […]