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PS4 Games on Psvita Using Remote play

The Playstation vita will be able to play ps4 games via remote play this is a great feature stay tuned for more info. by

Destiny to arrive on PS3 and PS4

From the creators that  brought you the halo franchise , Bungie is releasing a brand new first person shooter called Destiny this is the first time ever bungie has ever worked on a playstation platfrom. Activition will be publishing the game , Destiny is set to be release sometime in 2014 for ps3 & ps4. by

PS4 Backward Compatibility

PS4 will not have backward compatibility instead it will stream ps1 , ps2 and ps3 games . Sony will be using a cloud gaming service to stream the older games. This is bad considering that the older fat model of the ps3 could play ps1 & ps2 games. by

PS4 Coming Holiday 2013

Sony finally announce the ps4 , at the end of playstation event from New York . The ps4  specs are Supercharged PC Architecture , X86 CPU – 8 cores , Enhanced PC GPU – 2 teraflops , 8 GB RAM – GDDR5 , Local HDD. That is all the specs released so far the system is set to be release holiday […]

Diablo 3 Coming to PS4 & PS3

Blizarrd announces Diablo 3 for PS4 & PS3 , you will also have direct control over your player avatar  and it will feature four player co-op. by

PS4 Announcement

The long awaited next gen system playstaion 4 is no longer a rumor , ps4 will be announcement next week good news for gamers who were anticipated the ps4. Also the ps3 will have a price drop considering that the ps4 is about to be released.Keep it lock on the for info. by

Mass Effect Risk Coming 2013

Posted on the official Mass Effect Facebook page this week, a Mass Effect-themed version of Risk will hit stores in the fall of 2013. This game will be “Mass Effect: Galaxy At War Edition”and is Prototype. by

Nintendo Direct Return

Nintendo Direct is coming back with another broadcast, which is scheduled to air tomorrow February 14 @ 6am PT/9am PT/2pm GMT. Nintendo does not plan to have a Japanese broadcast due to time frame. Nintendo of America will discussing upcoming Wii U and 3DS games. Nintendo of Europe will only be discussing 3DS games. What do you hope to see? Keep checking […]

Superfrog HD Announced for PS3 & Vita

This game was developed by the Worms creators Team 17 and was originally released in 1993 , The game will be getting  remastered in hd before it  hits PS3 & V ita  later this year to celebrate its 20th anniversary. by

PSN Store Weekly Update

Here’s whats new for this weeks Psn store update, Psn games : Alien Breed ($9.99) , Everbody Dance Digital (Free) , Persona 4 Arena ($29.99) , Yu-Gi-Oh 5D Decade Duels Plus ($9.99). Vita Games : Alien Breed ($9.99) , Ecolibrium (Free) , Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken ($9.99). Playstation Plus : Alien Breed (PSN/Vita, Discount) ,Closure (PSN, Free), Critter Crunch (PSN, Discount) , […]