Archie Publishing Sonic Boom Comic Book Series

It has been announced today that Archie Comics will be publishing a comic book series based on the Sonic Boom universe. This series will be written by Ian Flynn and illustrated by Evan Stanley. The 1st issue will have four different varying covers that align if they are put together. It looks like we’ll be […]

IDW Publishing Announces Skylanders Comic-Book Series Coming in October

IDW Comics has announced today that they have partnered with Activision to make a comic based on the widely popular game, Skylanders. The first issue will be a prequel to the Skylanders: Trap Team storyline. The issue, which is written by acclaimed comic book writer Ron Marz with art by Mike Bowden and David Baldeon. […]

Ben Affleck’s Batman Costume Revealed

The long awaited picture has finally been outed on the Internet. Ben Affleck as Batman. Since his casting, we’ve all been wondering what the Zack Synder interpretation of the Dark Knight would be. Sent out via his twitter along with a pic of the Bat-mobile, Ben Affleck as Batman: It looks to me that it’s […]

Knuckles Sonic Universe Story Arc

Fans of Knuckles the Echidna are in luck. A brand new story arc called, “The Great Chaos Caper” begins with Sonic Universe #63. The arc will star Knuckles (of coarse) and he will be partnered up with the Chaotix. Together, they work to fix the shattered planet and gather the Chaos Emeralds. The Great Chaos […]

New Power Rangers Movie Happening!

In the second most surprising piece of news today, Saban and Lionsgate are in productions to make a new live action Power Rangers movie. To avoid confusion and questions, they will use the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aka the most popular ones, not the current ones, or the much better ones like Time Force, or […]

Cool Video: Your Freerunning Neighborhood Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming out this Friday and everyone is getting into the spirit of things. The game is coming out today, and here is a cool video of a parkour, web-slinging (briefly) Spider-Man in action. What would happen if Spidey was out of webs, did parkour…and wasn’t in New York City? by