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I must say this, Sony is leading in pre-orders as of right now, not only that but the ps4 is one hundred dollars less than the xbox one . Which means that if Microsoft doesn’t drop the price of the Xbox One, and remove this mandatory kinect 2.0 from spying on people. This will hurt their sales. Now the next thing […]

With the removal of DRM and connectivity policies for the Xbox One, it will also lose the ability to share your games, digitally with up to *10 family members. Why Microsoft did this, I don’t understand, do you think it’s their way at getting back at the community for making them switch their policies? I don’t think its something as […]

We all know PC’s are superior than Consoles in terms of specs and technology. Even with Next-Gen Consoles coming in with updated specs, there are happy PC owners that can truly brag about their powerhouse systems having one up on these new Consoles. Even then Personal Computers can’t help but lag behind the competition. We can praise gaming PC’s on […]

Xbox One Will Drop to $399

Microsoft has a track record of dropping multiple SKU’S, before the Xbox One launches, Microsoft will announce two different versions of their console; one with Kinect 2.0 and one without. This gives gamers a chance  to buy the Xbox One for one hundred dollars less. In today’s economy, buying a Console for $500 is just too expensive.  Especially when your competitor is […]