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NVIDIA Launches Two New Graphics Cards.

As some of you know at the moment I’m not an avid PC gamer….Let me rephrase that< I’m not an elitist PC gaming know-it-all a-hole. I do like PC gaming but I prefer console gaming solely because it’s much easier and it doesn’t make my gaming hobby into my entire life. With that said there is some news on the […]

Microsoft is on a roll today as the company not only has finally gotten the Xbox One’s important updates off the ground, they now have a prominent partner. Today on Reddit, the company had responded to a question about the Windows Phone. The team then responded with: “we’re working with Microsoft on the Blue update on Windows Phone 8X and […]

It seems that the PlayStation Vita Slim is not the only thing Sony has coming out. According ViziLeaks  they have appeared to have gotten their hands on one of the company’s phones before its official debut at Mobile World Congress. Two photos are claimed to show portions of the Xperia G, being tweeted out along with some specs such as a […]

Microsoft announced there new stereo headset for the Xbox one, the headset will be arriving in early March. The Stereo headset will cost $80 and the stereo headset adapter $25. The Adapter will also allow you to use third party headsets like Turtle Beach or SteelSeries . And control chat, mute, and volume.         by

For my first piece of tech news, It’s reported that Samsung is eyeing the 24th of this month to unviel thier new Galaxy S5 smartphone to the public. Notice, I said unveil not release. It might be revealed at Samsung’s Unpacked event in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung released the information on their blog today. It’s apparently a redesign of the phone’s […]

Arg! Finally! Sony revealed that the new PS Vita Model — the so-called “Slim” design — will be coming to North America this spring. Not too long ago, the Vita Slim was released in the UK a week ago and Japan longer than that. There are a few issues about this news for instance, There is no word on the […]

Oh man, heads are gonna turn around here. Things are quickly becoming obsolete in our technology rich planet, simply because there are consistently new innovations in technology. From Smart phones to services like streaming, and cloud storage. These are just scratching the surface, and soon they will make things we currently use on a daily basis, obsolete. Take a seat […]

In the everlasting race to create a better battery, scientist looked at silicon for its ability to hold a copious energy, but when the silicon would absorb said charge it would expand, causing it to eventually crack rendering it useless. However, the boys down in Stanford’s SLAC laboratory have developed silicon electrodes that repair themselves, the inspiration for all of […]

few people online are reporting problems with the PlayStation 4—- A wondrous blinking red light on top of the hardware. Many feared ahead of its launch that it was the sign that the PS4 “kicked the bucket” However that is not the case. It is simply a sign that the PlayStation is running hot and needs some time to cool […]

The latest installment to the assassins creed will run in native 1080p thanks to the day one update for the new consoles. compared to the 720p that they are currently running in for 360 ,and PlayStation 3. Ubisoft says you wont be able to tell much of a difference once the update since they are so close. the same thing […]