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The Gamecom 788  headset is a very good value for the money. The sound quality is superb and offers 7.1 surround sound;  it also has a button on the bottom part of the hear cup. The headset works very well with Skype and Windows 8, has an easy plug in USB  and can be used for chatting on online games and Skype. Now lets talk about […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

The long awaited note 3 is finally here, I had the pleasure to pick one up on its release and test run it. I have to say this is probably the best phone out on the market right now. Featuring all the cool gestures and intelligent face recognition that made the S4 such an innovative phone, makes this one of […]

  I’ve owned only one previous external drive, it was a 2.5″ notebook style drive. This Fantom Drive is a 3.5″ desktop style drive, and it works like a charm. The setup was as easy as just plugging it in, and setting it up to work with my router was also extremely easy. I am extremely happy with the drive […]

Samson Meteor Mic Review

In a world full of Snowball and Blue Yeti microphones, how does the Samson Meteor Mic stack up against the competition? Pretty damn well. While the Meteor Mic is slightly more expensive than the Snowball microphones, it’s more affordable than the Yeti mics while still retaining roughly the same audio quality. The microphone sports a 25mm diaphragm condenser high-quality audio recording […]

Windows 8 OS Review

The Windows 8 operating system has been out a while now. It’s reaching about a year now and its been through a lot of trials and tribulations but only because people are reluctant to change. There are very few disadvantages to Windows 8. I’m really writing this article to open the minds of those who don’t want to give 8 […]

Leap Motion Controller Review

I wrote an article a while ago talking about a revolutionary new gadget called The Leap Motion Controller. I have gotten my hands on it and this is my review. First of all, as you can see on the featured image the actual device is small. Very very small. The size of two fingers to be exact. The design is […]

Lenovo Yoga 11s Review

Lenovo has been a long time dealer to businesses, providing excellent hardware and software, Lenovo has been one of the most reliable PC Manufacturers for years now. It comes to no surprise that they hit the mark once again. The Lenovo Yoga is the perfect machine for people looking for something portable. The Specifications: CPU: I5 3rd GEN CPU – […]

There are a lot of cases for the iPhone (no matter which version you have). Plus there are numerous apps out there: from education, to books, to movies, to first aid. But what if you were in a dangerous situation that you needed to act quickly, and you forgot your whistle. Well now, there is a case that not only […]