EA Press Conference E3 2014 Roundup

This will be just a quick roundup of what EA Press Conference E3 2014.

EA kicked off its conference with a pre-filmed video of DICE discussing the “Star Wars game it always wanted to make”: Star Wars Battlefront. Battlefront will be released in 2015.

Electronic Arts keynote opens with a Dragon Age 3: Inquisition trailer.

The Sims 4 trailer shows the sims’ new behaviors.

EA Sports UFC “Bruce Lee” trailer.

NHL 15 trailer. “Very realistic looking”

Criterion working on an adrenaline junkie game that goes beyond racing and takes to the skies and the water with extreme sports.

EA Sports PGA Tour trailer. No load times between holes. Interesting things happening in the background. Coming Spring 2015.

Madden NFL 15 trailer. More emphasis on gameplay defense. More animations. Coming August 26.

Mirror’s Edge 2 trailer. Very conceptual trailer.

Dawngate MOBA announced with gameplay footage. Looks very similar to League of Legends.

FIFA 15 trailer. Soccer gets emotion at EA Sports. More Attention to detail.

Battlefield Hardline trailer “debuts”. Coming October 21. In development at Visceral Games.

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