Fallout 4 Gameplay Revealed, Coming November 10

Bethesda has shown gameplay of the highly-anticipated Fallout 4 at their very first E3 showcase. A release date has also been confirmed. The game will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 10, 2015. You can watch the gameplay shown at the event below.


Extremely deep character customization (including a choice between a male and female character), extensive weapon customization, dynamic menus and character dialogue, and lots of choices for crafting and building your home base are just some of the impressive new features found in Fallout 4. Features from past games like the choice between first and third-person view and the slow-motion mode in combat to find weak points are still here in full form and better than ever.

I’ve never played a Fallout game before, but I must say that 4 is looking incredible already.

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