Finally! New PlayStation Vita Slim Come to North America.

Arg! Finally! Sony revealed that the new PS Vita Model — the so-called “Slim” design — will be coming to North America this spring. Not too long ago, the Vita Slim was released in the UK a week ago and Japan longer than that. There are a few issues about this news for instance, There is no word on the price of the system but we can confirm that will be cheaper, spring 2014 is incredibly vague for a release date as no specific day has been set. Finally, the word about the colors it comes in will only consist of black.


What is known is that a Borderlands 2 bundle has been announced. Meaning that you get the handheld, the internal 1gb memory, the increased battery life, an 8gb memory stick, better button placement and a copy of the 2012 hit game Borderlands 2 including all the DLC and add ons from the other versions (via download) all for $200.


Now, all Sony has to do is work on the games. But I think a slimmer price point will get more people to jump onto the Vita despite its lack of games. But the major question is a cheaper model what the Vita needs right now to help it sell? It worked in Japan and possibly the U.K.


Here is this nice trailer below:

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