Gamecube Inspired Fight Pad Coming to Wii U and Wii

More great news for Smash fans has just surfaced. Performance Design Productions (PDP) has announced that they will be making a “Wired Fight Pad” that will act as an accessory for the Wii Remote, much like the Classic Controller. The great news is that this fight pad will take inspiration from the Gamecube Controller. Smash Bros. players all over the world live by the Gamecube Controller. Fans of the series have been hoping for some sort of Gamecube controller they can use for the Wii U version of Smash. It looks like we finally get our wish.

This isn’t the first fighting style Nintendo controller from PDP. They previously released a “Versus Pad” for the Nintendo Wii:

versus pad


The controller is set to release this holiday season alongside Super Smash bros. for Wii U and the price will be $24.99. Since the Wired Fight Pad will be officially licensed by Nintendo, PDP will be making Mario, Yoshi, and Princess Peach themed versions of the controller.

We have yet to receive an official image, but the company stated that they will be showcasing it at E3.



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2 thoughts on “Gamecube Inspired Fight Pad Coming to Wii U and Wii

  1. LIke a combination of the gamecube/pro controller meets joystick support.

  2. allotheabove123 says:

    I’m totally buying four of these. Smash Bros is at its best when its with 4 players!

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