GamesterGear : Cruiser P3210 Review

The Cruiser P3210 headset is very lightweight and comfortable. I had the chance to meet up with GamesterGear at this years E3; very nice people very confident in their products. The Cruiser P3210 headset is very incredible  when it comes to sound the bass is very satisfying and the rumble effects are just amazing. The vibration  on your ears feels funny at first but after a while it feels great. Also the Cruiser comes with a detachable mic and great controls  for your bass, game, and chat volume controls. The headset is compatible with PlayStation 3 and PC, another great thing is the cord, very long for a wired headset. I find myself walking around doing  alot of  things while playing online with friends. Skype also works great you can hear the other person very clearly and the mic is the best quality I have ever used on a headset. Also, the 50 mm ear cups are very comfortable on your ears especially with long extended use. Built quality is great the Cruiser P3210 definitely  feels like your holding and wearing a premium headset. Overall the Cruiser headset is a great buy for gamers and for Skype calls.







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