GaminRealm Podcast Episode 12

It’s time for yet another GaminRealm Podcast! Before listing the topics discussed in this episode, I would like to apologize for the noticeable echo thats persists throughout the first 28 minutes of it. As you may know, we don’t not yet have any kind of professional recording equipment, so please bear with us as we strive to improve the quality of our podcasts. Thank you all for your support.

In this week’s episode, we discuss Microsoft’s “huge” E3 surprise, the newly announced Batman Arkham Knight, TitanFall’s buyout, and a slew of rumored sequels that are said to be making an appearance at E3 this year. There’s a lot of interesting topics discussed, so sit back, and relax, and enjoy the podcast!

The YouTube version for those of you having issues can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “GaminRealm Podcast Episode 12

  1. Is there a itunes version of this? Cause it keeps freezing

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