GaminRealm Podcast Episode 6

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Naughty Dog says no new engine for next gen PS4,

Dev on PS4’s 8 GB GDDR5 RAM: “Devs Can’t Take Full Advantage of it Right Now”,

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One GPU Boost
Clock speed increased from 800 MHz to 853,

Nvidia Shelid tablet slash controller tegra 4,

Xbox One accessories now up for pre-order,

The Xbox One’s wireless controller will cost $59.99, and adding the Play and Charge Kit will set you back a total of $74.99. If you just need an extra charge kit, that will cost $24.99. Lastly, the Chat Headset is priced at $24.99, which you may want on account of Xbox One not including one in the box.

Carmack Says Xbox One and PS4 Hardware ‘Essentially the Same’
But he’s not a fan of Kinect 2.0.

PlayStation All-Stars: No New DLC Coming,

Xbox live repetition,
Bethesda Delays Wolfenstein to 2014,

Xbox One Will Support Gameplay Capture Devices
Microsoft confirms capture over HDMI will be DRM-free.

4G PS Vita,

Do u think the wii u is gonna die wii u sold 160k,

Call of duty ghost vs Battlefield 4 whats innovative

No Multiplayer for Wii U Version of Arkham Origins,

Tomb Raider Sequel in the Works,

Xbox one to say on for 10 years.

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