GaminRealm’s TitanFall Giveaway

Yep, GaminRealm is doing yet another giveaway folks. This time, it is for the highly anticipated TitanFall from the talented folks over at Respawn Entertainment. Microsoft was benevolent enough to supply us one free (Xbox One) copy to give away to a lucky fan. Just like with the Grand Theft Auto V giveaway we did last year, the same rules apply:

  1. Register on GaminRealm if you haven’t already. We won’t be giving a free copy to someone who isn’t even a part of the site!
  2. Subscribe to the official GaminRealmHD YouTube channel, which in the near-future we’ll be uploading exclusive content to.
  3. Also subscribe to the GameInfo87 channel, which is our second channel hosted by site owner Marlon Reid himself.
  4. Follow our Twitter account as well as like our FaceBoook page.
  5. Comment to enter the giveaway. Tell us why you want TitanFall so badly and what you think it’s doing differently as an FPS. We want to give this away to someone who is truly anticipating the game and not someone who simply plans on selling it. You may also do multiple name submissions by Tweeting the Twitter page and writing on our Facebook wall.

Entries for this giveaway will end on March 4th, one week before the launch of TitanFall on Xbox One.

(UPDATE):  We have extended the giveaway until March 8, so submit your entry now!

The winner will be chosen completely by random. And yes, we will actually be checking on whether or not you have an account on the site, have followed and liked us, and are subscribed to both of the channels mentioned above. You may comment on here and the official YouTube channel if you want to make an additional submission as well.

So that’s it folks, 5 easy steps for your chance to win a free copy of TitanFall. Once again, shout-out to Respawn Entertainment and Microsoft for giving us the opportunity to do this giveaway. Good luck to all the entrants out there!

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43 thoughts on “GaminRealm’s TitanFall Giveaway

  1. The main reason I’m interested in Titanfall is it basically looks like a modern day Quake game. I wasn’t around when Quake was a thing, but gameplay videos have made me very intrigued in the series, though the style and age of said games don’t really interest me. However, with Titanfall, it basically takes Quake and gives it an updated style and theme.

    Not to mention it has mechs (which actually aren’t slow for a change), which grants it a nice dynamic that I don’t see in modern shooters (with a possible exception in TF2, though not even that game has it to the extreme that Titanfall does).

  2. The reason I want titanfall is because I feel it will be the first truly great game for the X1. And after playing the beta for way too long, I’m even more excited to see the final product.

  3. titanMAX100 says:

    *Brad Harris*. I’m pumped for Titanfall because of a few reasons. Firstly, the guys behind Modern Warfare are the ones behind this. Not a huge COD guy but I had tons of fun with that one in particular. Secondly, the Titans themselves. I always thought that there would be balance issues with those who had a Titan and those who didn’t, but after playing the beta I can say for sure there are no issues like that. Last, but for sure not least is the fact that it looks to be the first next-gen FPS game that is actually trying something different in their gameplay department. The fact that it’s multiplayer-only is good as the dev only has to work on perfecting that part of the game. I also only have like one Xbox One game so that would be another reason.

  4. Titanfall looks to be a slightly bit more interesting than your average shooter. Yes it has Mechs, yes it has wall running abilities, but nothing really stands out visually or conceptually within it’s core gameplay. I am commenting, not because I want TitanFall, but because I just feeling like voicing my opinion, which is not rosie for Titanfall. I wouldn’t ever buy Titanfall, niether would I buy most any popular FPS. If there is a demo that shows Titanfall as more than Call of Duty with Mechs, I haven’t seen it. It comes off as a multiplayer online focused game, and I don’t play online. A weak 1 player game, is a weak game period. Hope I did not ruin anyone’s day by saying my opinion.

  5. I don’t need a giveaway. Just coming in here and express my opinion of the games :P.
    First of all, I like the game and I will get it on PC if it’s available on Steam and on sale. Second, the game is unexpectly fun, I thought it’s going to be another cod game with Mech, but after playing the Beta I think it’s more than just that :). However, I think the game is too overrated, Yes, it’s a Great game with a capital G, but to be the most anticipated game in 2014 ( especially I just know now that It doesn’t have Singleplayer ) while there are games that are way better imo such like The divisions, MGS5, Watch Dogs, the Crew, Dragon Ages III if they won’t messed up this time and especially The Witcher 3. Finally, I don’t planing to get an xbox1 just for one decent game especially the game is also on PC and don’t have to forced myself to playing on 792p while I can playing on my PC with better performance and graphics …

  6. SweetDangos says:

    I’d like to win for the fact that I have something interesting to finally play on the X1. It seems like it’s going to differentiate itself with the whole sort of park our aspect. The titans seem like a game changer as well. It looks like Xbox ones first killer app

  7. I hope my reasoning isn’t coming over as selfish but I really enjoyed the beta and that giveaway will decide whether I get the XBox One or PS4. So it’s a pretty big factor of my future investments.

  8. There was no one real reason I was exited for Titanfall before the beta. Titanfall seemed to combine a lot of things that I have loved and that the concept of finally having a game where you can pilot a mech and then get in and out of the mech is an awesome idea that is finally being put to good use. Now that I have played the beta, the reason I am most exited for Titanfall is because the game is just so damn fun. I play video games to have fun, and whether I’m by myself or with my friends, whether I win or I lose, the game is still a blast to play, and I wanted to get on during the beta, even when I was at max level and unlocked everything I wanted to use. I’ve played a lot of shooters, either from Halo, COD since COD 4 to Ghosts, Battlefield, you name it, I’ve been around. Before Titanfall, COD 4 was the last FPS that I had a really good time with. Now Titandfall has taken that spot without a doubt. I die because of a mistake of mine or because the other player is either better than me, had a better vantage point, what have you. The lag is almost non existent(although he last day of the beta was noticeably bad) and you either win or lose because of something you did wrong for the most part. It’s been a very long time since a game has been enjoyable for all of the reasons I’ve mentioned, and it’s the first time in a good while that I was giddy with anticipation for a video game.

  9. SuperMagMachine says:

    The reason I want to win Titanfall, is that it is currently the only game worth getting for the Xbox One. I haven’t been this excited for a game since Halo 3. Unfortunately, If I don’t win, I will likely have to wait a month or two to get it, I don’t make a lot of money.

  10. I don’t have an Xboxone myself but my brother does and I was planning on buying him this game for his birthday! He likes mechas alot and fps, a big halo fan so I believe this would be a great game for him. He always buys me games when my birthday comes around, now i’m hoping to give him something in return.

  11. I would like titanfall because its the SSB of FPS. anybody can win.

  12. I would actually love to win TitanFall for a friend of mine! He’s a guy who recently just bought an Xbox One and has become really loyal to microsoft as of late, so it would be a pleasant surprise for him, and would give him a really great game to add to his nonexistant backlog of Xbox One games. He’s the type of guy who enjoys games with deep mechanics and a longlasting impression on his gaming career.(i.e. JRPG’s like Square Enix’s and fighting games stuffl like that) Ever since the turn of the last generation of gaming he grew an itch for fast paced fps games as well, meaning he would really love TitanFall. (I was just talking to him about it yesterday lol)

    Ignoring the experience behind TitanFall’s developmental crew, TitanFall seems to be the next generation of fast paced, twitch fps games, no doubt about that. It finally brings something the genre has been desperately asking for (at least on consoles) and thats a sense of a GRAND SCALE. Playing shooters like Battlefield on consoles was such a dissapointment last generation after playing them on PC, so seeing TitanFall try to bring that large scale action, coupled with smooth mobility and varied types of offense and defense to the genre is exciting to say the least! This generation of gaming should prove to be one of change in my opinion. Seeing TitanFall as one of its pioneers gives me hope, and it’s one of the first games in a while…

  13. Though it may look like a CoD game with mechs, (seeing how I like COD, but wish they changed the formula) it brings new life to the FPS genre. I didn’t get the chance to play the beta, so I can’t really judge on how the game will function compared to various FPS games that are out on the market. I’m merely going off from Youtube videos, and my friend’s opinions, which gets me more pump the closer we fall to the release date. I also think it’s cool and fun to be a able to control your own mech, feeling powerful, while whooping everybody’s ass is always fun.

  14. A played Titanfall beta on the Xbox One and loved it. The movement is very fluid, and provides vertically in the map design. I’m also how interested how Respawn will incorporate the story element into the multiplayer.

  15. LegendaryGameNerds says:

    I really want titan fall because it is the 1st multiplayer fps I am really interested in. The parkour looks really good and makes the game more vertical which adds more variety in the game. I’m really excited to play this and I hope I won’t have to go out and pay for it.

  16. I was slowly losing faith in FPS games recently. CoD just keeps rehashing the same idea with no innovations, so when I say Titanfall, at first I was like, “Great. Another CoD game.” But then I saw gameplay and was like, “Oh my god, this looks so fun!” This gave me faith so I would like this game. Potatos.

  17. Legend of Roy says:

    I want Titanfall because of one simple, yet crucial reason:IT LOOKS FUN AS HELL! it’s everything I love about an FPS, it’s fast, chaotic, and just down right pure fun, and all at the same time running very smoothly, which is something most FPS’s today lack.

    Titanfall is going where most FPS’s won’t, and it’s trying something different and innovative. It’s a breathe of fresh air to the “modern military shooter” that we’ve seen time and time again! I cannot wait for this game, it looks very promising and I have high expectations!

  18. Want the game cause I’ve got nothing to play on the Xbone and plan on getting MGS:GZ and inFamous so it would be nice to get Titanfall for free. From the beta, I loved the fluidity of the gameplay and how it felt like CoD4. As far as differently, I don’t think it’s doing much but fusing the combat between titans and foot soldiers was done very well.

  19. DildoreTinman says:

    I’m interested in the game mostly because it’s looking like a fun, fast paced shooter harking back to the olden days of Quake or Unreal Tournament with it’s own twist of parkour-ish abilities and mechs. Just a game purely about having fun and that’s it, which is what games need to do more of these days.

  20. I’m super excited for Titanfall, and I am the first person to tell you that I don’t care about multiplayer shooters. The game just gives you so much freedom in movement and strategy, and the game can change so quickly. Like in Smash Bros., it’s an easy game to pick up, but it requires a lot of skill to be truly good. It seems like such a deep game that I could get lost in potentially for days. I am dying to play this game.

  21. I will be the first to tell you I’m bored of multiplayer shooters. But Titanfall feels so fresh and new, that I could plant myself in front of the game for hours. It gives you so much freedom and movement in strategy and really is an excellent title, from what I’ve played of the beta. I could easily see myself losing days to this game, and that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I’m dying to play this game.

  22. ConkerTheKing says:

    I’ve been looking forward to Titanfall since E3 and in fact it is my most anticipated game of this year. I’m a big FPS fan, but many recent FPS games have been the same thing over and over again. Titanfall looks different. Titanfall actually looks like a fun FPS and I think it can change the genre. Also, the Xbox One could really use a truly great game right now, and this looks to be it.

  23. Danny Jimenez says:

    I want titanfall so i can kick people in a fps

  24. Twitter: zrox456, Youtube: zrox345, Facebook: Zach Gniroed

    I want Titanfall because it’s the best multiplayer FPS I’ve played since Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, I’m also a huge Xbox fan.

  25. Woundedwarrior1371 says:

    Titanfall looks to be a great game which I have been waiting for. They added a lot to a formula that had grown stagnant in the COD multiplayer battles. The mechs add a whole new level of gaming prowess to these battles. Looks like a helluva lotta fun!!!!

  26. Terminator_T-X3 says:

    The reason why I want this game is because it’s perfecting the design of Mech Assault allowing the player to eject from the mech if destroyed to wait for another mech to respawn (Titanfall). Plus I need to destroy people online inside and outside of a Titan throughout this generation, lol.

  27. TheAmericanPC96 says:

    I have a xbox one my gamingtag is : TheAmericanPC96 i have one game for my xbox one – CoD:Ghosts plaese tell me if i win. If i do win e-mali me @

  28. LegendaryGameNerds says:

    I really cant wait for this game. It looks really good. It reminds me a little of Dota 2. With the bots being like creeps and your titan like you Ult. Ive played 500 hours of dota 2 so I am looking forward to this. A FPS I am looking forward to is very strange to me cause Ive pretty much only enjoyed Bioshock and Crysis. The Parkour is really cool and I cant wait to play Titanfall.

  29. BlueNeonPinkie says:

    I loved being apart of the closed beta. The gameplay was fun, solid, and it felt like a new experience! I felt like I was in Pacific Rim controlling a Jaegar. It’s like a hybrid between that and Mirror’s Edge with a competitive edge to it.

  30. The reason i want TitanFall is simple. It looks fantastic! The definitive reason for having an XboxOne for me. It looks like it will revolutionize the shooter genre.

  31. im interested in it because i played the beta and it was fucking awesome yo, was partied up with a couple friends and was going hame , titans are cool as fuck and the first “mech” in a game that actually felt good

  32. The reason I want Titanfall is because I’m really interested in this unique idea, it’s not just an everyday FPS that we’ve seen over and over again in the last generation and hopefully this sets the standard for this generation. I’ve bought an Xbox One for this game alone, and the chance to win it for free would be fantastic, thank you.

  33. I want this game so I can go beast mode on some noobs. Simple as that.

  34. i want titanfall badly to xbox one i only have killer instincs

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