Guinness World Record Holder Hideo Kojima Is Now A Reality

Hideo Kojima is now a recipient of his first Guinness World Record Award, but not for what you might expect. Since Death Stranding has released, Kojima has been anything but reserved about the feedback it’s receiving in the West versus the East, and has gone as far as to say some very snide stereotypes about a region of people. He mentioned that one of the reasons the title received bad reviews at all was due to Americans loving first person shooter genre of content. The game has definitely received backlash but the reception was largely outlined to no prior notice of any direction in the game until a week or so until launch and leaving up to the fans to pinpoint the intent of game play. According to TechSpot, Hideo Kojima has amassed over 2.8 million followers on Twitter and 924,000 on Instagram, making him the most followed game director of all time.

Acquiring this award is a great feat that no other game director can say, but while the controversy is still brewing regarding this game with now his statements leaving a sour taste on many tongues, especially in the West. I can only wonder what will transpire in the totality of his statements going forward. What do you think about Kojima’s statements about the reviews from the American users? Do you think he went too far? Let us hear your thoughts.

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