H-Hour: World’s Elite

H-Hour World’s Elite is a tactical, team-based, military shooter based on the original SOCOM series on the PlayStation 2. From the Creative Director of the SOCOM, David Sears and his team at SOF studios is asking for $200,000 of donations from the community through the website, Kickstarter to make a multiplayer prototype on the PC to prove that the game is worth investing in. The team wants to push the bar further to what SOCOM could have been if Mr. Sear were still the Creative Director of the game, and that it wont be a simple HD remake of SOCOM 2 but rather a whole new game, pushing the boundaries of the third-person, tactical shooters genre.

Heres a link to H-Hours page on on Kickstarer: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1687497632/h-hour-worlds-elite-0?ref=home_location

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