History Indicates That There Won’t Be A PS4/Xbox One Price Drop For A While

I know I did an article about this subject. This past Friday, I reported a rumor that Microsoft would already be releasing a cheaper Xbox One model which later turned out to be fake. So, if history is any indicator, the two new consoles won’t see a price drop until the next two years at least. As is stands right now, Microsoft and Sony have no reason to drop the price anytime soon because their systems are selling like crazy. In the past, console price discounts have occurred within a standard 18- to 20-month cycle, for the purpose of helping a struggling system. For example, back in generation 6, the GameCube was suffering under the weight of the PS2 so as a result; Nintendo discounted the price from $199 to $150 six months in and just $100 a few months later. Compared to last-gen when the Wii was the hottest selling console at the time launching at $249 in November of 2006 and didn’t cut its price for nearly three years due to the strength of its sales. IT should go without saying that these console problems occur because of a seemingly insurmountable price and a lack of games.

As compared to say the Wii U this dropped its price 10 months in with the hopes of selling more units. At time of this writing it’s working so-so. But that doesn’t mean you can get it cheaper through retailer sales or EBay. In the realms of getting the console cheaper for those of you holding out, there is also the possibility of game bundles that will make the price worth. I expect the initial sales of the Xbox One to skyrocket when Titanfall drops and it would seem inevitable for them to bundle that game with the console seeing as though it’s such as massive title riding on massive hype. They also did it with 3DS, $250 at launch, slow-snail like sales, a year later, price drop. Also take into consideration that a price drop is the last thing any company wants to do because it would result in them losing stocks and losing money. Like Nintendo right now with the Wii U and Sony when they lost $3.3 billion for every console sold after the price drop because they were consequently losing money.

In terms of the Xbox One, will there be a Kinect-less version of the thing even earlier? Not really as I stated before, Microsoft has no reason to not include it even though gamers don’t want it because even though it would lower the price, it could also heavily fracture the baseline hardware that developers can count on. As it stands now, Microsoft thinks that the Kinect capability is integral to the platform’s functionality. They claim the purpose is show developers a way to innovate gaming using voice controls and stuff like that but, they are dead set on pandering to the non-gamer gimmick crowd who cream at the site of this stuff. They are also dead set on motion gaming, but I don’t see anything here that the Wii didn’t already do 8 years ago and much better. So, gamers Microsoft doesn’t care that you don’t like the Kinect.

I won’t let the console’s success get me down or change my disposition on what I spend my money on. I can wait a few years like I did before.

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