HooToo Ultra VR Box Review

There is no doubt that the mobile market for Android VR headsets is beginning to look a little crowded. Not only that, but the range of quality is immense, and choosing with your budget will undoubtedly get you what you paid for. HooToo has introduced an Ultra VR Box which doesn’t look cheap and functions quite well. Not only does it function well, it is completely manual, meaning that it is not externally or internally powered.

hootoo vr

From manually placing your Android device into the sliding tray, to adjusting the goggle eye cups within the headset; all functions are adjust solely by the user. So just how good could a device like this be for mobile VR gaming? It is extremely basic but plays well with your cell phone’s screen real estate. Gaming is quite nice with a slight screen door effect. Because the image you see is being transmitted separately to both eyes of the user, it gives a very immersive feeling when playing a VR friendly game.

Again, most games can be purchased for as little as $4, while many of them remain free of charge on Google Play Store. I really enjoy this headset because it allows anyone who is curious about mobile VR to try it, with their own hardware and free to play games for an extremely low price. Check out the full review below.

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