Japanese Wii U Sales Boost 1500%

Last week’s Media Create sales from Japan are in, and it spells some good news for Nintendo and the Wii U. Due to the comination of the bundle and the game itself, Wii Party U has caused an unbelievable surge in sales. Here are the hardware numbers for last week’s Japan sales:

3DS LL – 58,627
Wii U – 38,802
3DS – 29,749
Vita – 27,618
PS3 – 11,148
PSP – 3,680
Wii – 477
Xbox 360 – 328

And here are the numbers from last week for comparison:

3DS LL – 69,001
3DS – 40,507
Vita – 24,513
PS3 – 11,460
PSP – 3,807
Wii U – 2,598
Wii – 742
Xbox 360 – 351

One game has shot the Wii U’s sales up a staggering 1500%, this game being Wii Party U. The system has been relatively hard to sell in Japan (and Europe, for that matter), but it seems like now that issue has been busted wide open. All this, before the launch of Wii Fit U and Super Mario 3D World.

I think it’s safe to say that October and on has marked an officially turn-around for the Wii U. How well will it recover when it’s all said-and-done isthe question now.

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