Killer Instinct and Xbox One Get Booed at EVO 2013

During the Killer Instinct presentation at EVO 2013, the game was met with a pretty negative reception. Following the Injustice: Gods Among Us Finals, Madcatz and Double Helix came out on stage to do a 3-match presentation of the new and upcoming Killer Instinct game for the Xbox One.

And it wasn’t pretty.

Killer InstinctFirst, I was personally watching the Twitch stream and reading the comments in the chatbox. There were around 98,000 people watching the KI presentation at the time (remember, this is during the EVO Finals), and I can accurately report that mostly (think 95%) everyone in there was tearing the game apart. Comments such as “Get this s*** off the stream” and  “Nobody cares, show Marvel!” and “This looks terrible” were prevalent. Most viewers were blatnatly not impressed. The viewers were also not convinced that the commentators were genuine about their hype, and also felt that the matches were scripted.

Secondly, even worse, the attendees at EVO started chanting “Marvel! Marvel! Marvel!” in the crowd. Translation: “We don’t care for this, get off the stage.” I felt pretty bad for the guys from Double Helix, as it was clear that they heard the chants but had to ignore them and continue their commentary over the game.

And last but not least, after the presentation was over and they were wrapping it up with some details, they dropped that forbidden name: “Xbox One”. The crowd was instantly outraged and boos ensued for quite a long stretch of time. You could tell on the look on the presenters’ faces that they were clearly embarrassed, and you couldn’t help but to feel for them.

It was really something to watch this all go down live, but it just goes to show just how much damage Microsoft has down to the Xbox One’s image, and I feel that an actually good game may be getting battered because of it.

UPDATE: Someone of you were doubting my words. There’s a now a video posted on YouTube showing the booing ensuing when the Xbox One and Microsoft are mentioned. Now you can see the validation of my claim.

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134 thoughts on “Killer Instinct and Xbox One Get Booed at EVO 2013

  1. I think this is the result of Microsft being dicks rather than the game actually looking bad. It looks pretty good to me.

  2. As the legendary Kelso from That 70’s Show would put it… BURN!!

  3. suicide bombers.. u missed your perfect chance to eliminate marvel chanters!

  4. N4GCrossingEden says:

    MAN! PC elitsts and Sony Slaves should just go and marry each other; these f@gs don’t know a good fighting game if it hit them square in the jaw.

    Xbox One is THE console of next-gen; DEALWITHIT you Anti-Microsoft crowd. Kinect 2.0 will provide 120 FPS and with cloud technology, every multiplatform game will be THE BEST on Xbox One.

    • Damn dude…you sound butt-hurt about it. KI looks like something the 360 can handle to be honest.

      • Yeah, he doesn’t seem all there. Maybe he’s still in middle school though…

    • Does it hurt to be that stupid? I assume you spend a good 10 minutes running into walls in the morning before you remember how a door works.

      Your walls must be a rusty brown with all of the old and dried out blood from your nose and mouth on them.

    • Some of us would agree with you but then we’d all be wrong.

    • well, well, well. You called this so called SONY followers fags, yet you do not look at yourself. This stupid comment by you is the reason why I left Microsoft and hate Xbots like you. 120 FPS? LOL WTF you smoking son? Cloud? yeah good luck with that, SONY has GAIKAI. It is already proven to work. Azure? Nope, fukin boo to that. Xbone will have the best looking game for multis? LOL again what are you smoking son? Because devs has spoken, they have been praising and confirming that PS4 will be the lead platform for their games and will have the best graphics for the next generation. It is the true console made by gamers for gamers! Now go and troll somewhere else.

      • You are an idiot. I do not have to prove it because you have done that all on your own, just by typing that idiotic nonsense. Good job. It makes people who read that more stupid than they already are. Thus saith God.

      • grammargestapo says:

        Oh god, shows what you know. PC will be better as it always has been. The PS4 is an un-mobile laptop with 8gb of RAM and a glorified tablet processor. I have better looking games now. I can run skyrim with 30 mods, a high resolution texture pack and max settings at 110 FPS. When your PS4 can do that, come talk to me. Fucking console fanboys, too stupid to realize when their products are shit.

    • So how much money did MS pay you to say that?

    • “Kinect 2.0 will provide 120 fps” confirmed troll no one else respond.

    • Hahaha, sad little fanboy. PS4 and PC have better graphics. Every multiplatform game will be better on PS4 and PC. Even Wii U isn’t so badly received. You can shove your Kinect 2.0 up your ass and have Microsoft screw you over in the next generation, because everyone else is smart enough to avoid that.

    • hi Microsoft slave

  5. Tastydanglers says:

    You all can go FFFFFUCK yourselves


  6. this is misleading,once Double helix announced they partnering with Microsoft for their KI brand controller. this is when the Evo crowd Booed (Xbox one wasn’t mention). this is why a video wasn’t present in this article. watch it yourself on twitch tv.

  7. Haha, serves Microsoft right for alienating so many of their fans.

    I hope the Xbone tanks

  8. If it was coming out on the PS4 it would of gotten astounding applause. Not only is it coming out on a crap system, but theey name dropped microsoft/xbox a few times.

  9. Wow, nice job

    No proof at all, and ignoring how fantastic Glacius’s style is, NICE JOB

  10. The boos can’t be heard on the stream so those 90k viewers don’t know shit

  11. The Virtuous Truth says:

    Poor NeoFAG PauperStation trolls. GFY!

  12. “The viewers were also not convinced that the commentators were genuine about their hype, and also felt that the matches were scripted”

    This is the FGC, the ALWAYS think that the match are scripted and that the commentators suck at hyping up stuff…

  13. Seriously though, this game has a bleak future ahead of it,

    – Exclusive associated with the most hated console right now
    – Use a B.S. Free-To-Play model in THE genre that is less adapted to that model (access to all characters is crucial to fighting games metagames).

    They either to casualize this thing to death or actually listen to the FGC and gamers unlke MS if they want to turn this one around.

  14. Bunch of idiot fanboys. Unfortunately that’s who Microsoft are trying to cater to.

  15. I understand people being angry at Microsoft but the game looks pretty decent for a Killer Instinct.

  16. I’m “blatnatly not impressed” with this article

  17. the sad thing is it looks like being on the Xbox one is going to doom what looks to be a good game.. 🙁

  18. Stupid Reporter says:

    You should take this article down or rework 89.5% of it. I guess this is your first time on the internet and twitch chat.

    That is normal twitch chat trolling.

  19. jmpittman0220 says:

    I don’t feel bad for Double Helix at all. When you are known for terrible games don’t be surprised when no one wants to see you destroy another franchise.

  20. Lol They aint keeping it Nxt Gen

  21. GorgeousGorger says:

    It’s a shame how disrespectful and ignorant the Marvel fans are. People have been waiting for this game for DECADES! The combo system looks fun and it doesn’t look like a cheesy mess like that other game I won’t bother to mention.

    • jmpittman0220 says:

      The fact that it’s a free download and you have to buy the game piece by piece shows how crappy this game will be. Everyone knows this is just a cheap cash in on an old franchise. Just look at Double helix’s track record of games.

  22. The title of this article is very wrong. The people at evo boo’d the exclusivity of the game, not the console or the game. I mean I get you want views, but this is just completely off…

  23. Luis Felipe says:

    The comments in the chat aren’t a good paramenter. They complain about everything, trolling all the time. They troll Injustice, Smash Bros. Some of them also mocked UMvC3 and Street Fighter. They were there to troll and Double Helix had the misfortune to be supported by M$.

  24. wow that was hard to watch lol

  25. I was there.

    The crowd LIKED the game. Reviews and hype on the set ups were all there and people were enthusiastic. The wanting to push it off stream is not a fair concern because trolls and a bunch of people ALWAYS want marvel. Showing KI before arguably the most hyped game of EVO was not a fair measure of crowd reaction given that people will do that.

    The crowd however Boo’d the living shit out of Xbox the instance it was announced. However the game is liked.

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